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#Bookstagrammer of the Week: @mitra_bookish_girl

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This Week’s Featured creator: @mitra_bookish_girl


Each week Bookstr is going to be highlighting your favorite Bookstagrammers. What is a Bookstagrammer you ask? A Bookstagrammer is someone who shares all of their literary interests, ranging from book reviews and aesthetically pleasing book pictures to outfit pictures featuring their current reads. Anything that evokes bibliophile feels is on their Instagram pages. Make sure to give these Bookstagrammers the love they deserve! This week we are getting to know Mitra, or as you would know her on Instagram, @mitra_bookish_girl.

Here is her story: 


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Hello Dear Bookstagrammers 🤗💕 📚 – If you could visit any fictional world right now, where would you go ? 📚 ~ I'd definitely like to visit the magical city Daevabad to meet some Daevas and some Shafits 😍 to travel through the old and mysterious cursed lake (it would be thrilling), to shop in the Grand Bazaar, to see all their centuries old breathtaking buildings; the Citadel, the Grand Temple, and that Ziggurat Palace that has its own magic 🤩 I've read City of Brass and Kingdom of Copper this year in June, and I'm completely in awe of the Djinn 🧞‍♂️ world Chakraborty has created. It's such a fascinating world with Medieval Middle Eastern setting, lovely enchanting atmosphere, full of magical beings and creatures of water, air, and fire, with diverse characters (YES this djinn world is diverse in so many ways), where men wear turbans and women wear veils and chadors. It's a compelling story of a girl who is a con artist living in Cairo but when she met an Afshin djinn, it changed not just her life but the whole djinn world too. – I've always been fascinated with the Arabian and Persian folklore and mythology, I've grown up reading Arabian Nights, Daastan-e-Ameer-e-Hamza, and Talassum-e-hoshruba, and all these books have a special place in my heart, so when I read the City of Brass it captured my heart completely, it felt familiar, it felt like home. I loved it so much and can't wait to read the third and final book. 📚 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • #bookstagram #cityofbrass #kingdomofcopper #harpervoyager #hardbacks #hardcovers #djinn #daevabadtrilogy #yafantasy #fantasybooks #stillswithstories #flatlayoftheday #booksta #ireadya #ilovereading #bookwormlife #booksaremagic #readinggoals #idratherbereading #bookshark #fortheloveofbooks #yareads #booksparks #avidreader #booklife #bookworld #bookstagrammer #angleshot

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Chapter 1: The Birth of a Bookstagram Account


Mitra began her Bookstagram career with nothing but her wits, her love of books, and the Internet.


I found out about bookstagram through a bookish page on Facebook in January 2017, first I started following some Bookstagrammers, then I decided to create my own bookstagram account because I loved the idea of posting creative book photos and spreading the love of books.

I thought it is the best way to catch the attention of non-readers and make them read books, to make them fall in love with books. So I started posting my own book photos in February 2017.


Some of Mitra’s favorite books include The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, Forty Rules of Love by Elif Shafak, Shadowhunter Chronicles by Cassandra Clare, Nevernight Chronicles by Jay Kristoff, the Ember series by Sabaa Tahir, and the Grishaverse books by Leigh Bardugo—it certainly shows in this awesome post:



A fun fact about Mitra is that she loves the smell of book pages and that creative ink!

I sniff books too much, even while reading I sometimes stop reading the book and just sniff it, I love the smell of books so much.


Chapter 2: To The Bookstagramming


More often than not, we do judge books by their cover (especially since they’re becoming more and more pretty these days). But they can also inform us about our tastes and further develop our appreciation for books. Mitra’s favorite book cover is King of Scars by Leigh Bardugo.



So when should you keep an eye out for Mitra’s newest gorgeous photos?

I post daily and on evenings. Instagram allows us to check the statistics of our accounts and that shows us the time when most of our followers are online, so I post when most of my followers come online.


Chapter 3: TBR

Mitra already has so many great book recommendations. Every avid reader has a To Be Read list that they add to in the hopes of acquiring more favorites, and Mitra is no different. Her TBR list includes some of this year’s newest releases:


  • Darkdawn by Jay Kristoff
  • Capturing the Devil by Jerri Maniscalo
  • Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo

We also asked Mitra if she could pick a publisher to supply her with a lifetime of books. Can you guess what she said?

I think I’d choose Simon and Schuster because they publish Cassandra Clare’s books so then I’ll get her books for free for a lifetime and I want to read every book she writes.


Chapter 4: What Does Bookstagram Mean To You?


There’s no doubt that Mitra’s love for books and Instagram style have an influence on the bookish community, and her photography skills are stunning. But what does Bookstagram mean to her personally?


It’s an important part of my life now, I feel at home here, to be able to freely discuss and share the love of books and characters without being judged by anyone for it surely feels like a haven to me. And it feels great when other people read the books I recommend. I try to create content that’s worth liking and reading. And that will influence my followers in a positive way. I just want more people to read books, and to learn positive things from the books they read. I just want to spread positivity and the love of books through my page.


Mitra has her own favorite Bookstagrammers too, including @xenatine, @bookish_mai, @_ckarys, @mkarys, @berrybookpages, and @bookwormgram.



Well, what did you think of @mitra_bookish_girl? You will love how interactive she is in her comments! Do you have a favorite Bookstagrammer in mind? Contact us through any of our social media platforms and maybe you will see them on here next week! 


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Featured image by @mitra_bookish_girl

3 Amazing Bookstagram Artists to Check Out!

When you think of Bookstagram the first thing that comes to mind is book nerds, aesthetically pleasing photos of tea and coffee, book stacks arranged in rainbow colors. What a lot of people don’t know is that through this community there are endless possibilities. Some people create bookish candle shops, tour companies for upcoming releases, and much more. But today were going to brush up on (no pun intended) one of my personal favorites…the art part of the Bookstagram community! Yes, book nerds paint and create art work too.


lady of stardust's painting of the slytherin common room

Image via Instagram

1. ladyofstardust

Ladyofstardust is a horror enthusiast and illustrator, who creates paintings and horror-inspired art. Her artwork reflects on the books she reads and the passion she drives. She works with a variety of supplies from paint to charcoal to ink. The paintings are minimalistic with a splash of color and then finished off with a gorgeous frame.


the wicked reader painting

Image via Instagram

2. thewickedreader

Thewickedreader is book blogger who loves to paint and draw fandom-inspired pieces. Her artwork is based on the fantasy books she reads. Although she doesn’t have a website to sell her artwork, she posts plenty of them on her stories and her room is full of them! She even painted a few castles on her bedroom walls.



mapiful's hogwarts map

Image via Pinterest

3. mapiful

Mapiful isn’t exactly an independent bookstagrammer who paints and sells their own artwork but humor me for a minute. They have some gorgeous looking maps that are created by you. Mapiful is a company that turns any state of location you choose and turn it into a simplistic yet beautiful map. What does that have to do with books you might ask? Well, Mapiful has started doing maps inspired by locations from fictional worlds! That’s right, so if you’re looking for a Harry Potter, Prythian, or Ketterdam inspired map, all you have to do is request it. They have a variety of colors you can set your map to and you can even pick out the text that will be on the map itself.

How Social Media Is Creating a Whole New Generation of Authors

Social media has had an enormous impact on the world of marketing and creativity in the last few years. What will this mean in five years? Platforms like YouTube and Instagram have become huge influencers in the creative field. From models to animators to small businesses, everyone who’s anyone is putting their stuff on social media.



Image via PagesUnbound

As a result, this is a very exciting time for aspiring authors. In 2016, a YouTuber named Sasha Alsberg, the co-author of Zenith, got her big break when a publishing house approached her about doing a book. She enlisted a fellow YouTuber and writer, Lindsey Cummings, to co-write Zenith with her and earlier this year Zenith was published and became an instant New York Times bestseller. (Sidenote: I read the book myself and I have to say…I didn’t think it was the best thing I have ever read, but maybe the book just wasn’t for me!)


YouTuber Kim Chance also published her debut novel Keeper through traditional publishing, off the back of her online success and a lot of support from her followers.



song of the dryad

Image via iWriterly

Even when publishing houses didn’t take interest in other peoples work in the community, writers took it on themselves to use the platforms they had and did their own marketing and promoting through YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. Authors like Natalia Leigh and Kristen Martin have successfully sold quiet a few copies of their books through indie publishing houses and resources at hand.


With that being said many people in the BookTube community, both watchers and creators, are proud that these new voices have been noticed by the publishing industry, and this pride has led to the creation of AuthorTubeObviously this isn’t something new that sprouted over night after Sasha and Lindsey announced their book, but the community grew as more people started to gain the confidence pursue their own careers through YouTube and Instagram.




Image via abookishbaker.com

I had the pleasure of meeting a few very talented and sweet individuals who are constantly hard at work on their own manuscripts and it makes me think. Who will the next New York Times bestselling author be? People like StardustwritesNamastayreadingLiterarykhaleesitheworld.in.words, Honeypotwords are hard at work with their manuscripts and they heavily influence others with encouragement and they are even sweet enough to hold on their work to give tips to people who ask for it. They inspire me and others everyday to keep pushing through and ignore that ugly little voice in the back of our heads that says “You will never be good enough to get your writing recognized.” You will.


Who knows? Maybe the next aspiring author will be someone you know from Instagram. It’s nice to see that popular industries taking a leap and considering people other than popular authors so that they have a chance to tell their stories because everyone has a story to tell and no one’s is the same.



Featured Image Via Pinterest

moonrise kingdom

15 Book-Themed Instagrams to Enrich Your Feed

You know that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach as you’re nearing the end of a really good book; that growing sense of excitement to see how it all unfolds, that thrill of feeling so deeply invested in a life other than your own, and that impending, dark-cloud feeling of “oh no, what will I do after?” knowing that your time with these characters is drawing to an end?


I think we grow so close to the characters in the books we read because it’s the only time we are truly invited to enter the world of someone other than ourselves; we see their inner monologue, their every word, thought, and emotion, everything they want to say but choose to keep inside. Books allow us to see people in all of their full, vulnerable humanness. And, when it’s time to say goodbye to the strangers we now know as well as we know ourselves, a sort of mourning begins to take place. It can be tough to leave the worlds we spend so much time in; fiction and all.


However, thanks to social media, the goodbye doesn’t have to be complete; now you can scroll through the photos of your favorite book worlds to your heart’s content! 


Check out these fifteen Instagram accounts dedicated to your favorite books and authors!


1. A Little Life @alittlelifebook



#bookfacefriday by @dyahayuni #alittlelifebook

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2. Pride & Prejudice @pandp2005




3. Harry Potter @thepottercollector




4. Stephen King @jobis89



I have an important task for you all……. please help me choose my next audiobook! ? . The 12 books pictured are the 12 possible contenders! They’re books I read back near the beginning of my King journey, and are the ones that I feel open to revisiting right now (in that my memory is patchy ?) . So if you want, pick TWO books from those pictured and I’ll do a quick tally tomorrow before I embark on my run. I’ll be able to download and start listening to the most popular choice right away ?? . Choose wisely, Constant Readers. And God have mercy on the evil people who choose The Stand… 47 hours long!!! ? . . . . . . . . #stephenking #audiobook #audible #bookcollage #bookcover #hardback #firstedition #readersareleaders #bibliophile #bookstagram #reading #igreads #bookworm #booknerd #booklover #booklove #lovebooks #bookish #bookaddict #read #fiction

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5. Sylvia Plath @sylviaplathpoetry



(cr. @her_love_for_words ♡)

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6. Agatha Christie @officialagathachristie




7. Paulo Coelho @paulocoelhoquote




8. Virginia Woolf @virginiawoolfblog



Virginia Woolf sitting on a beach in Greece in 1932. #virginiawoolf

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9. Jane Austen @janeofausten



…with your favourite Janeite teapot #jane #janeausten #janeausten #janeite #tea #teatime

A post shared by Jane Austen (@janeofausten) on



10. Edgar Allan Poe @edgar.allan.poe



Q: Why did Poe write such dark stories? • A: Poe wrote for magazines which demanded stories that would appeal to a mass audience, so he gave them what they wanted. In fact, he only wrote about fifteen horror stories out of a total of seventy tales. Poe actually produced far more comedies than terror tales. He also wrote science fiction, mysteries, adventure stories, scientific essays, and a book about seashells. Today’s readers tend to prefer his horror stories, but in Poe’s time, his audience liked the mysteries better. He last book of short stories, Tales of Edgar A. Poe (1845), only contained one horror story among a collection of mysteries and science fiction. Although he suffered bouts of depression after his wife’s death, Poe wasn’t a terribly morbid or melancholy person. • Mary Bronson, who, as a young girl, visited Poe with her father, later recalled, “We saw Mr. Poe walking in his yard, and most agreeably was I surprised to see a very handsome and elegant appearing gentleman, who welcomed us with a quiet, cordial, and graceful politeness that ill accorded with my imaginary sombre poet. I dare say I looked the surprise I felt, for I saw an amused look on his face as I raised my eyes a second time…” (LeDuc, Mary Elizabeth Bronson, “Recollections of Edgar A. Poe,” Home Journal, whole no. 754, July 21, 1860, p. 3) • #EdgarAllanPoe Photo by: @rebecca_ellix

A post shared by Edgar Allan Poe (@edgar.allan.poe) on



11. The Brontë Sisters @bronteforever



The Great American Read on PBS has started and they are featuring 100 of the most beloved books, and choosing one final winner. Please vote for the top one! Please go to @greatamericanreadpbs and click on the link in their bio to vote for either Jane Eyre or Wuthering Heights. I’m so glad both Bronte sisters were featured on this list of world renown novels. __________________________________________ #bronte #brontes #thebrontes #brontesisters #bronteforever #emilybronte #charlottebronte #annebronte #bookaddicts #epicreads #janeeyre #mustread #bookworm #booknerd #books #booklover #bookstagram #bookish #literature #instabook #igread #wutheringheights #victorian #classicnovels #brontësisters #greatreadpbs #readinggoals #votejaneeyre

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12. Charles Dickens @dickensmuseum




13. Alice in Wonderland @alice_in_wonderland_books




14. Haruki Murakami @harukimurakamiquotes




15. Infinite Jest @drawinginfinitejest





Featured Image Via Twitter


Book Face Librairie Mollat France cool book artwork instagram bookstagram

Book Face Is the Best Thing to Come out of Instagram

Librairie Mollat is France’s first independent bookstore, and has been around 121 years. And it’s alive and well in the digital age! It has an absolutely killer Instagram that features some amazingly creative pictures with book art. Librairie Mollat’s Book Face series features the shop’s employees holding books up to their faces (obviously), which seamlessly appear to be the person’s actual face (even if that face is a bear’s face, which is the best one).


Check out some of our favorites below, but get the full experience on Librairie Mollat’s wonderful Instagram here!










Feature Image Via Libraire Mollat (Instagram)