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3 Most Beautiful Book Cafes in the World

Like anyone, I like a good book cafe a lot. A lot a lot. And I’m lucky to live near some great ones. But unfortunately, I don’t live near any of these wonders.


El Ateneo Grand Splendid – Buenos Aires


Image via The Bubble


This cafe is built in an old theatre, now filled to the brim with books. The cafe is on the stage, so you’re the star drinking your coffee. The ceiling is packed with original frescoes, and the stage used to host tango, and then the first sound films shown in Buenos Aires. Now, feel like an ingenue from the theatre’s building in 1919, leaning off the balconies and looking at the books.



Yenny El ateneo – Mexico City


Image via Atlas Obscura


Do you like books? Do you like plants? Check out this gorgeous bookstore in Mexico City. Vaguely deco, and packed with books, this honestly looks the way I want my house to. Who cares about the walls? They’re covered in books anyway. #goals. Anyway, gotta plan a visit ASAP, with an empty suitcase for all my MISTAKES.



Lotz-Terem – Budapest


Image via Dauly News Hungary


Unfortunately this is no longer a bookstore, but the space does still involve digital media, and a cafe. They also redid a lot of it, which is unfortunate, but we can respect bookstores we’ve lost. Just look at that ceiling! *sigh* RIP bookstore cafe. Look at those chandeliers. Ten out of ten, would have bought a book and read here for hours.



Image via McDaniel College Budapest 

London Book Chain Sets Up Libraries For Retirement Homes




Just because you’re retired doesn’t mean that you should stop reading, and Foyles wants to help with that.



Image Via LondonTopia


The London bookstore chain struck a deal with Elysian Residences to install high-end libraries in its homes. Residents will be allowed to purchase books, DVDs and other content from Foyles through Elysian. There are currently plans to install bookstores in Elysian’s two retirement homes.



Gavin Stein

Image Via Property Week


Elysian chief executive Gavin Stein hopes that the new plan will provide residents with the kind of access to books that everyone can get:

“Libraries are an important cornerstone of a vibrant community, offering visitors a place of relaxation, learning and discovery. We wanted to provide our residents with a relaxing reading environment curated with the latest high-quality books.”



Image Via The Guardian


Foyles hopes to use this as a springboard for future deals to open more bookstores.




Featured Image Via BBC