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Harry Potter Fans Are Going Wild for This Artist's Black Hermione
According to Mashable, illustrator Sophia Canning spent just three hours creating a new look for Hermione, and since the work was published online, it has attracted huge attention from Harry Potter fans!


Pierce Brown
9 Facts About Best-Selling 'Red Rising' Author Pierce Brown!
Sometimes authors just have the perfect timing when it comes to publishing a best-selling book. Pierce Brown took the book world by storm when he released his 2014 novel series Red Rising. The first novel pulled in dozens of rave reviews from sources like Entertainment Weekly and USA Today. Some even compared it to The Hunger Games and Game of Thrones!


QUIZ: Which Comic Book Antihero Are You?
Comic books aren't just home to "goody goody" heroes. Sometimes, heroes have to get their hands dirty. And this is where antiheroes shine. Instead of sticking to the classic concept of the traditional hero, these peculiar characters are often portrayed as more human and flawed than there optimistic counterparts. Aren't you curious as to how your darkness can save the world? Take this quiz and find out which of these iconic antiheroes you really are!