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Harry Potter wand
You Can Now Get Your Very Own Spell-Casting Wand Without Going to Ollivander's
The time has come young witches and wizards. No, we aren’t going to war with dark magic or fighting off mythical beasts from our school, it ain’t that serious, but it is exciting! If you could wish for one thing, wouldn’t it be to have a wand just like Harry Potter? If it’s not then I’m sorry, but if it is, then you’re in luck.


Donald Trump Reading
Top 10 Donald Trump Quotes About Reading and Writing
Check out President Trump's best quotes on the literary arts.


Haruki Murakami Quiz feature running runner what i talk about when i talk about running stretching funny
Quiz: Do You Live in a Haruki Murakami Novel?
Is your life a surreal mess where no decision you make has a logical consequence? If so, you may exist in Murakami's imagination.

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