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GRRM Portrait
George R. R. Martin Reveals Why His New New Book Should Be on Your Wishlist
'A Song of Ice and Fire' fans, you better hope you're on the Nice List this holiday!

What was originally thought to just be a historical side-story within the Westeros Universe is now revealed to have bigger ties to the ongoing series than we thought it would. 


A robbery in a library
A Brief History of 7 Book Heists
You shouldn't take a page from these criminals' books. While library theft and the black market rare book trade can offer up million-dollar scores, there are plenty of reasons why these thefts don't work out. The first reason is that after the heist, the re-sale poses a second, greater risk of capture. The second reason is that, sometimes, the book thieves are stoned when they enter the library in old man costumes.


Which Calligraphic Script Type Are You?
Which Calligraphic Script Type Are You?
Find out which beautiful type of Islamic calligraphy matches your personality.

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