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The team at Bookstr has been delighted to discover that our news pieces, articles, quizzes, and videos were runaway hits with our fans! As such, we’ve changed our website and platform to better fit our readers’ wants, and are dedicating ourselves to creating awesome content for our fellow readers :)

As we’ve moved on to hosting awesome bookish content, we’ve unfortunately had to leave some of our features behind. Bookshelves, reviews, book pages, and author pages are no longer available on Bookstr.com. However, if you had an account with us, and would like to retrieve any reviews you’ve written or your bookshelves, please reach out to us at support@bookstr.com with your username and/or email address that you used with your account.

Giveaways have not gone away completely: ARCs are no longer offered on Bookstr.com, but we are still working with our partners to provide more general giveaways to our users. You’ll be able to win books as well as other items on our giveaways page!

We love getting feedback from our readers! You can send any suggestions and general feedback to support@bookstr.com, and we’ll get back to you as so as we’re able!

If you’re interested in advertising, partnering, or otherwise working with Bookstr, please reach out to us at marketing@bookstr.com! We’d be more than happy to chat and see how we can work together

If you have any questions that haven’t been answered here, please reach out to us at support@bookstr.com!