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Indie Bookstores in LA Are Determined to Thrive

In the midst of uncertainty, independent bookstores in LA are doing everything that they can. Since the start of the pandemic in March, indie bookstores were worried about staying afloat. Some of them were a million dollars in debt, and they had to lay off some workers and switch to online orders.

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Bookstore’s Favorite Books of 2020

There is nothing like the feeling of walking into a bookshop and having thousands of books to browse. It can be overwhelming to find your next read, but fear not, they are a great place to meet with other bibliophiles and get recommendations, especially from the staff. So we reached out to a few of our favorite indie bookshops to find out what their favorite books of 2020 were.

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Bookspot of the Week: [email protected] Books

Welcome back to another Bookspot of the Week, where we connect with outstanding bookstores to share their businesses and satisfy your craving for wonderful book places. We spoke to co-owner of [email protected] Books and Drink, Betsy Tobin, about this warm, charming indie bookstore sharing stories in Highbury, North London. 

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Penn Book Center

Professor Petitions University to Save Indie Bookstore

Independent bookstores have had their share of bumps in the road to resurgence, what with constant, ominous promises of ‘the death of the publishing industry’ and ‘the end of print media.’ While many of these claims are false, it’s true that some bookstores are in jeopardy. The latest shop to feel the heat is Penn Book Center in Pennsylvania.

WHYY reports that English professor Chi-Ming Yang has created an online petition to save the beloved bookstore after it was expected to close in May due to diminished sales.

“Instead of writing a letter of thank you to the bookstore owners for all of their service, I thought, it’s not over til it’s over,” Yang explains.


Penn Book Center

Image via WHYY


The petition calls for University of Pennsylvania, which owns the 50-year-old building that houses the store, to provide a financial boost.

This past week, Penn Book Center supporters have been marching daily from the campus to the bookstore just a block away. They’ve been rallying, sharing why the bookstore is important to them, and reminiscing about the books they’ve purchased.


Professor Yang

Image via WHYY


Yang herself describes browsing through an independent bookstore as a “mini-education:”

It’s not unlike being in the stacks of a library where the physicality of the spine of the book moves you to pick it up and where your eyes kind of travel to other books that you might not have ever considered. It opens up different vistas.

The petition has collected over 4,700 signatures so far, and is only moments away from its goal of 5,000.

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Featured Image via The Daily Pennsylvanian.