Booktoker Of The Week Event: Live With Selene

Here’s what you can expect during the Instagram Live:

  • A book-centered conversation about Selene’s experience as a BookToker,
  • Questions about most anticipated releases and favorite books,
  • The opportunity to get your questions answered.

Interested in knowing more about BookToker Selene?

Selene Velez is the creator behind the TikTok account @MoonGirlReads_. The Californian has helped her over 134,000 followers on Tik Tok find great books in the young adult genre, and has apparently been instrumental in the popularity of E Lockhart’s 2014 YA novel We Were Liars — which was included in her video “books that will make you sob”. It was barely a minute long and ended up garnering 5.8 million views! She started her BookTok account in May of 2020 during the pandemic and you can find them on Instagram at @MoonGirlReads_.




Join us on Friday, July 30th at 6 PM ET/3 PM PT on @bookstrofficial for the Instagram Live hosted by our very own – queen of TikTok at Bookstr – Morgan Boyd.


All IMAGEs created by the bookstr team.
Selene’s image courtesy: Selene. Morgan’s image courtesy: Morgan.

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