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Everything You Could Read If You Stop Tweeting!

We all get sucked into the cycle of checking our phone every ten minutes just to see that we have no notifications. But, alas, this leads to us checking Instagram for the fiftieth time to see the same old posts that we purposely didn’t like in the first place. For busy book lovers who struggle with short attention spans, the thought “I should be reading right now” comes into our heads at least a few times a day. Now, an app can tell us just how successful we’d be if if we just listened to those impulses.


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The Omni Calculator was created by sociologist Mateusz Mucha who wanted to offer easy solutions to everyday problems, 841 of them to be exact. The app can help you calculate how your plastic bag ecological footprint, the projectile motion of throwing a grape into your mouth or just how much free time you would have if you stopped excessively scrolling through social media.


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The calculator is called “Social Media Time Alternatives” and allows you to input how many times an hour you check social media and how long these visits last. It then compares this number to an average book length of 240 pages with 250 words on each page read at 200 words per minute. You can adjust the length of the books or your reading speed to betting fit your reading habits. It then tells you just how many books you could be reading a year. For example, if you check social media for seven minutes every hour, that time could be spent reading 136 books every year.



Omni also measures this wasted time in other ways, such as binging Friends yet again or listening to “Despacito” or learning a new skill, like playing guitar. Whatever your vice, Omni acts as a reminder that every time you open Twitter, another one of the book piled on your desk could be fulfilling its dream of finally being opened and read fully.



Whether you download the app and use it daily or simply learning about the app and the excessive amount of time wasted everyday makes you want to put a few pages in on the novel that has been sitting on your nightstand for a month now, hopefully Omni can help all us book loving procrastinators to finally finish our Good Reads reading challenge for once.



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Aaron Rodgers of Green Bay Packers Makes a Cameo in Latest ‘Game of Thrones’ Episode

Another sports star makes a cameo in Game of Thrones! After Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard cameoed last season as a Lannister guard, the Green Bay Packers have got in on the action this season. According to CNN Aaron Rodgers, the star quarterback of the team made a brief appearance in the penultimate episode of the series. Aaron Rodgers was quoted as saying he was ‘very thankful’ for the opportunity to be on the show, even though his cameo only lasted a few seconds. The quarterback posted a photo of himself in costume on his Instagram, which you can see below.

Aaron Rodger’s appearance can be seen in the episode where Daenerys lays siege to King’s Landing, trying to help a woman who was injured before dumping her and fleeing as the dragon gets closer. A clip of his role in the show was posted by sports reporter Lily Zhao, highlight Rodger’s appearance.


Did you spot him? Let us know in the comments!



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3 Amazing Bookstagram Artists to Check Out!

When you think of Bookstagram the first thing that comes to mind is book nerds, aesthetically pleasing photos of tea and coffee, book stacks arranged in rainbow colors. What a lot of people don’t know is that through this community there are endless possibilities. Some people create bookish candle shops, tour companies for upcoming releases, and much more. But today were going to brush up on (no pun intended) one of my personal favorites…the art part of the Bookstagram community! Yes, book nerds paint and create art work too.


lady of stardust's painting of the slytherin common room

Image via Instagram

1. ladyofstardust

Ladyofstardust is a horror enthusiast and illustrator, who creates paintings and horror-inspired art. Her artwork reflects on the books she reads and the passion she drives. She works with a variety of supplies from paint to charcoal to ink. The paintings are minimalistic with a splash of color and then finished off with a gorgeous frame.


the wicked reader painting

Image via Instagram

2. thewickedreader

Thewickedreader is book blogger who loves to paint and draw fandom-inspired pieces. Her artwork is based on the fantasy books she reads. Although she doesn’t have a website to sell her artwork, she posts plenty of them on her stories and her room is full of them! She even painted a few castles on her bedroom walls.



mapiful's hogwarts map

Image via Pinterest

3. mapiful

Mapiful isn’t exactly an independent bookstagrammer who paints and sells their own artwork but humor me for a minute. They have some gorgeous looking maps that are created by you. Mapiful is a company that turns any state of location you choose and turn it into a simplistic yet beautiful map. What does that have to do with books you might ask? Well, Mapiful has started doing maps inspired by locations from fictional worlds! That’s right, so if you’re looking for a Harry Potter, Prythian, or Ketterdam inspired map, all you have to do is request it. They have a variety of colors you can set your map to and you can even pick out the text that will be on the map itself.

How Social Media Is Creating a Whole New Generation of Authors

Social media has had an enormous impact on the world of marketing and creativity in the last few years. What will this mean in five years? Platforms like YouTube and Instagram have become huge influencers in the creative field. From models to animators to small businesses, everyone who’s anyone is putting their stuff on social media.



Image via PagesUnbound

As a result, this is a very exciting time for aspiring authors. In 2016, a YouTuber named Sasha Alsberg, the co-author of Zenith, got her big break when a publishing house approached her about doing a book. She enlisted a fellow YouTuber and writer, Lindsey Cummings, to co-write Zenith with her and earlier this year Zenith was published and became an instant New York Times bestseller. (Sidenote: I read the book myself and I have to say…I didn’t think it was the best thing I have ever read, but maybe the book just wasn’t for me!)


YouTuber Kim Chance also published her debut novel Keeper through traditional publishing, off the back of her online success and a lot of support from her followers.



song of the dryad

Image via iWriterly

Even when publishing houses didn’t take interest in other peoples work in the community, writers took it on themselves to use the platforms they had and did their own marketing and promoting through YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. Authors like Natalia Leigh and Kristen Martin have successfully sold quiet a few copies of their books through indie publishing houses and resources at hand.


With that being said many people in the BookTube community, both watchers and creators, are proud that these new voices have been noticed by the publishing industry, and this pride has led to the creation of AuthorTubeObviously this isn’t something new that sprouted over night after Sasha and Lindsey announced their book, but the community grew as more people started to gain the confidence pursue their own careers through YouTube and Instagram.




Image via abookishbaker.com

I had the pleasure of meeting a few very talented and sweet individuals who are constantly hard at work on their own manuscripts and it makes me think. Who will the next New York Times bestselling author be? People like StardustwritesNamastayreadingLiterarykhaleesitheworld.in.words, Honeypotwords are hard at work with their manuscripts and they heavily influence others with encouragement and they are even sweet enough to hold on their work to give tips to people who ask for it. They inspire me and others everyday to keep pushing through and ignore that ugly little voice in the back of our heads that says “You will never be good enough to get your writing recognized.” You will.


Who knows? Maybe the next aspiring author will be someone you know from Instagram. It’s nice to see that popular industries taking a leap and considering people other than popular authors so that they have a chance to tell their stories because everyone has a story to tell and no one’s is the same.



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