On Writing

The Essentials to Every Fantasy Novel – The Magic of Writing a Book

Hello there! It's been a while since my last Writing Tips article, and I apologize for my absence. But, since we've covered the basics of writing a book in the past two articles on outlines and first drafts, we can now get into the gist of things. Today, we will be talking about the specifics of writing - you guessed it from the title - a fantasy novel.

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Author Pervis Taylor on Writer’s Block – Author Interview

As the pandemic comes to a close, it is easy to forget the struggles and hardships that came along with it. Stuck inside four walls with no inspiration besides the internet can become shackles to people’s creativity and mental health. Writer’s block and lack of motivation was a huge issue for a lot of writers.

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How To Write LGBTQIA+ Characters: Bisexual Identities

Author Cassandra Rose Clarke gives her insight on how to write bisexual identities for our How To Write LGBTQIA+ Characters article series.

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