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The Internet Reacts to J.K. Rowling’s Grindledore Tweet

The dust has settled from J.K. Rowling’s latest Twitter revelation where the renowned author of the Harry Potter universe told us Dumbledore and Grindlewad were in an ‘intense’ sexual relationship. Rowling has become renowned for casually dropping details about her beloved fantasy series that shake up our view of the world with details we weren’t necessarily keen to know. Luckily, as we attempt to process her latest bit of information and wait with nervous trepidation for the next one, the internet had some hilarious responses to Rowling’s latest bit of unwanted Potter trivia. Here are some of the best ones from the Twitterverse.

Like Ben Rosen, who showed us that Rowling was getting a little too real.

Or The Bottom Text, V, who summed up most of the fanbase’s reaction.

Or a few of these Tweeters, who accurately showed how Rowling announces these things without prompting.

But perhaps the best was this Tweeter, who compiled a list of Rowling’s musings and showed all the strange revelations from over the years.

What were some of your favorite memes and responses to J.K. Rowling’s latest revelation? And what are your opinions of her continued ‘interesting’ trivia pieces about her universe? Are you ready for what her next terrifying piece of information might be? We’re certainly not!

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10 Wholesome Reminders That Stephen King is a Sleepy Twitter Dad

It’s only three months into 2019, and nothing can keep marathon novelist Stephen King off Twitter, a medium he wields to broadcast his inner thoughts, book reviews, and political criticism. You may remember he recently Tweeted a viral response to a USA Today headline that mentioned fellow writer Tabitha King not by name but simply by “his wife”—an offensive error the Kings corrected with their usual poignancy.

Aside from biting clap-backs and no-frills political hot takes, King’s Tweeting trends—which range from cheering on his friends and family to documenting the day-to-day life of his corgi—remind us that behind the author and his soapbox is a Sunday-morning, half-awake dad who’ll do anything to embarrass his kids, one who can’t get enough of his mischievous, short-legged corgi. This lovable dad content with corresponding dad typos speaks deeply to the dad in all of us. Here are 10 of King’s latest inspiring Tweets to kickstart your weekend and cleanse your soul.


1. correct punctuation can’t get in the way of supporting your heroes


2. fashion: I don’t really understand it, do you?

3. Binge-watch & thrills

4. #DadContent 

5. turning twitter into #dogstagram

6. I love you, son! have a great day at school!

7. *corgi content intensifies*

8. making classic dad impulse purchases

9. Tragic: empty nest devastates bangor writer

10. dad-level sap


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Mark Hamill LOVED This Kid’s Star Wars Comic

Every once in a while the internet gives us a gem. Today, let your internet gem be Narwars, a short comic that parodies the plot to Star Wars in the best way imaginable…

Every character is a Narwhal!



Image result for narwhal gif

If you don’t know what a Narwhal is then here is a cartoon depiction one dancing around adorably. | Image via Dribble.


You have to see this short comic that has writers, podcasters, and even the Jedi Master himself, Mark Hamill, talking!



The title of this creative comic is Nar Wars: The Tale of Narth Veader.

Based on the character Darth Vader, this kid’s comic follows the story of Narth Veader, as the title already hints. But so far we only have one page introducing us to the comic.



Hundreds have already retweeted the posts and to make things even more exciting Mark Hamill himself chimed in!



And these words of wisdom were given as well.



I’d like to wish this kid good luck, but I think the force is already on her side. With so many people talking about this comic, and Mark Hamill giving his approval, I smell a movie deal coming to fruition!

Only time will tell if Narth Veader is given his spotlight on the red carpet.



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11 Hilarious Literature-Related Tweets

Monday gets a lot of hate, but Tuesday is arguably worse- you’re not even half way through the week, you still have a misery-hangover from Monday, it’s probably raining, you may have seen a dead rat on your way to work…any number of unpleasant things can have happened by Tuesday.


But never fear, for Bookstr is here with a compilation of hilarious literature-related tweets from the endlessly amusing inhabitants of Twitter dot com. So, let these tweeters bring a smile to your face as we edge ever closer to hump-day, and sure, by then it’s nearly the weekend!


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