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Canceled Film ‘Mouse Guard’ Posts Demo Reel, Showing Us What Could Have Been



The Mouse Guard movie is officially dead. Disney has scrapped Fox’s planned adaptation of the popular graphic novel series by David Petersen. There were hopes the project was just delayed or finding a new home, but alas, the project has officially been canceled. Director Wes Bell confirmed this sad news via Twitter:




While it’s a pity Mouse Guard won’t see the light of day, Petersen also shared some cool stuff that might have represented what the final movie could have looked like. Petersen celebrated the enormous effort the pre-production team had done for the movie in an i09 article in which he showcased sculptures, pre-production art, and the studio that would have been used. The demo reel made for the film was posted by Wes Ball on his YouTube channel, and it showcased what could have been.

While obviously incomplete and lacking any audio, the demo reel captures the feeling of the books excellently. Notable scenes from the demo reel include a showcase of the Mouse Guard society; multiple clashes between mice that feature cool, flashy choreography; and giant creatures such as turtles, crows, and snakes that almost function as dragons to the minuscule mice.

The screenwriter also lamented the project’s death and said so in a Tweet, in which he attached the ENTIRE SCREENPLAY online for anyone to read:



This is an incredible level of insight for a project that’s been canned. We can tell everyone attached to this was extremely passionate about Mouse Guard, and hopefully, someday, it can begin life again as a film adaptation. In the meantime, check out the demo reel below and see what could have been.


Featured Image Via IGN


‘Black Widow’ Set Photos Show Off a Man in a Tank!?

Who is this mysterious figure spotted on the Black Widow film set?


Black Widow

Image Via LRMonline

To be clear, Black Widow isn’t officially happening, in fact no Marvel Movie is ‘officially’ happening after Spider-Man: Far From Home, but given the abundance of rumors and even set photos we know that Black Widow is definitely happening.



Scarlet Johansson was spotted on the set, which cued us in that the rumors were true and that a Black Widow prequel movie was in the works. With no official word, though, we’re unsure of when this movie is taking place exactly (90s? early 2000s? After Captain America: Winter Soldier? After Avengers: Infinity War?), although Sebastian Stan, as per The Mary Sue,  “let it slip that the upcoming solo Black Widow movie would take place after the events of Captain America: Civil War.”



Before we speculate, let’s go through what we know for sure.

The movie, possibly and certainly Black Widow, is currently shooting the film across Europe, hence why we have all these images:


In case you’re wonder why who the person is behind Scarlet Johansen, here’s a closer look:

Still no idea? Me neither, but Gizmodo writes that this dummy crate labeled ‘Yelena’….

…might suggest that “Midsommar’s Florence Pugh will play Yelena Belova, a fellow Red Room spy with ties to SHIELD and HYDRA who briefly took on the mantle of Black Widow herself.”

That’s awesome. Black Widow and a potential future Black Widow teaming up for a motorcycle chase? Count me in!



Image Via Me.Me


The most interesting images are from the newest ones, which are now circulating online:



Is that a tank!? That’s bloody awesome! Could Black Widow get on a motorcycle to get away from a tank?



Fans have been quick to ponder these awesome images with many theorizing this is none other than Taskmaster. In the comics Taskmaster is a supervillain/anti-hero who has been a training instructor by various criminal organizations. Considering that Black Widow was trained by to be assassin, as was briefly touched upon in Avengers: Age of Ultron and Agent Carter, Taskmaster appearing in this film would make sense.



Image Via Marvel Database – Fandom


However, the character in the set photos is without Taskmaster’s infamous skull mask. Could this character still be Taskmaster even without the skull mask? Well, Baron Zemo from Captain America: Civil War was Baron Zemo even though he didn’t have his comicboook counterpart’s infamous purple sock/mask over his head.

Here’s the comic version and the final product:


Baron Zemo-comic vs final product

Image Via io9 – Gizmodo

Here the concept art for Captain America: Civil War:


Baron Zemo-concept art

Image Via GeekTyrant

Here’s the Arnim Zola in the comic:

Arnim Zola-comic

Image Via Universal Dork

Here’s the concept art in Captain America: Winter Solider.


Arnim Zola-concept art-1

Arnim Zola-concept art-2

Images Via Slash Film

Here’s the final product:


Arnim Zola-final product

Image Via Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki – Fandom

With that up in the air, who could be the man inside this costume?



Anyone really, but Hollywood Reporter wrote that David Harbour, the newest Hellboy from the remake, would be joining the movie. So it could be him, or he could have a minor role in the movie, or his part could be cut entirely the way Katherine Langford’s character of ‘Teenage Morgan’ was cut from Avengers: Endgame.

But what do you think?



Featured Image Via GeekTyrant

Elif Shafak

Turkey Puts Novelists, Including Elif Shafak, Under Investigation

According to The Guardian Turkish prosecutors have begun investigations into numerous writers of fiction, including famed author Elif Shafak. The campaign has been described as a serious violation of free speech rights, all breaking off from recent, rather vicious debates on social media about authors who write about difficult topics, such as child abuse and sexual violence. After a page from a new novel Abdullah Sevki was shared on Twitter, the novel quickly generated deep controversy when the chapter showcased featured a first person account of a child being sexual assaulted from a sexual predator’s POV. The government of Turkey has issued a formal complaint to ban the book and has charged Abdullah Sevki with criminal acts such as potential child abuse.


Turkey novelist with a close up of her face

Elif Shafak has described the campaign as a serious attack on free speech, having received thousands of abusive messages about her work published in the last few years, which deals with similar themes. She said her work is intended to put a spotlight on sexual violence in Turkey, especially against children, as Turkish courts have dragged their feet actually investigating reported incidents. She notes that instead of going after real life rapists, the Turkish courts are attacking writers instead, using them as a scapegoat without having to actually investigate the true problem.

Numerous speech organizations are deeply concerned about this campaign against Turkish novelists and have been quoted as saying:

“Freedom of expression in Turkey is increasingly under serious threat. Too many writers are in prison whilst others have been forced into exile.”


Shafak was previously tried for her novel, The Bastard of Istanbul, where she referred to the massacre of Armenians in World War I as a war crime and genocide. Shafak acknowledged that she deals with difficult subjects, such as sexual violence, but does not condone it and does the exact opposite with her work. She further notes she has always been a campaigner for women, children, and minority rights.

The campaign into investigating Shafak and other authors like her is sparking an international debate, both over free speech rights and content allowed in novels. What are your thoughts on this complicated issue? This could be easily be a slippery slope to go down for Turkey as a whole.



Featured Image by Random House Books 

Top 10 Tweets About the Jon/Ghost Reunion!

I’ll admit it, I too thought that Jon Snow not petting Ghost was the worst thing ever, but turns out that heartbreaking scene in the penultimate episode of Game of Thrones was merely creating hope that they would meet again at home (yes, the Night’s Watch has and always been Jon’s one true home).

Now Twitter might not the best thing on the internet (the best thing on the internet is obviously memes about hotdogs), but it does showcase some of the best reactions to Jon meeting, and staying with, our favorite runt of the Dire wolf litter Ghost.

Fair warning, a lot of these Tweets will tug at your heartstrings, and if none of them do then Ghost will eat you.


Ghost baring his teeth (they're scary)

Image Via mirror.co.uk

I’m kidding! (I’m not kidding).


Number Ten

Before get too emotional, let’s remember about how we all complained that Jon should have pet Ghost goodbye.

And it worked, it did shut me enough. It shut me up so much that now I’m writing an article about it.

Number 9

Regardless of what you think of this season or any other season or any specific scene or scenes, just look at this.

This strange-faced tweeter is right. Like a baseball smacking you in the nose, life really does come at you fast…

On a related note, Kit Harrington ages like honey.

Number 8

Speaking of life, let’s watch the original scene but with a nostalgic filter on it.

I’m not crying, you’re crying.

Number 7

Speaking of how far we’ve come, let’s look at this Tweet.

Jon and Danny with their animal companions. It almost makes me forget that Danny died as a war criminal.


NUmber 6

Speaking about how Danny turned to the dark side (note to self, never trust anyone who says they can solve all your problems), let’s look at how Jon and Danny were different. Daenerys might be Queen of the Unsillied, mother of Dragons, burner of women and children, liberator of women and children, but Jon Snow has the best title of all.

The best part about this title? Jon Snow doesn’t brag it out to everyone.


Number 5

The only thing better than Jon Snow is his Dire Wolf, Ghost.

Right on!


NUmber 4

Jon and Ghost, they’re perfect for each other.


Number 3

We also have this tweet, because feels.


Number 2

Yes it, which leads me say…

Number 1

Nuff said!


Featured Image Via Cnet