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Mark Hamill LOVED This Kid’s Star Wars Comic

Every once in a while the internet gives us a gem. Today, let your internet gem be Narwars, a short comic that parodies the plot to Star Wars in the best way imaginable…

Every character is a Narwhal!



Image result for narwhal gif

If you don’t know what a Narwhal is then here is a cartoon depiction one dancing around adorably. | Image via Dribble.


You have to see this short comic that has writers, podcasters, and even the Jedi Master himself, Mark Hamill, talking!



The title of this creative comic is Nar Wars: The Tale of Narth Veader.

Based on the character Darth Vader, this kid’s comic follows the story of Narth Veader, as the title already hints. But so far we only have one page introducing us to the comic.



Hundreds have already retweeted the posts and to make things even more exciting Mark Hamill himself chimed in!



And these words of wisdom were given as well.



I’d like to wish this kid good luck, but I think the force is already on her side. With so many people talking about this comic, and Mark Hamill giving his approval, I smell a movie deal coming to fruition!

Only time will tell if Narth Veader is given his spotlight on the red carpet.



Featured Image via SiriusXM Blog

Publisher’s Social Media Manager Opens Up About Trolling

For many women, sexual assault survivors, and allies, the Brett Kavanaugh Senate nomination embodies the issues of consent and gendered violence in our culture. Sophie Vershbow, senior social media manager at a one of the world’s leading publishers, felt that she lacked a place to vent her feelings about the hearing and so she, like so many others, turned to Twitter as an outlet, tweeting the lines: “DO NOT FUCK MEN WHO SUPPORT KAVANAUGH.”


Sophie Vershbow Tweet



In an article for HuffPost, Vershbow explains  her rationale behind the tweet:

I felt utterly insane sitting in my cubicle watching MSNBC with tears streaming down my face. Short on outlets to relieve the rage building up inside me, I tweeted, “DO NOT FUCK MEN WHO SUPPORT KAVANAUGH” (four times, with emojis for emphasis).


Considering her level of experience—professionally and personally—with social media, Vershbow knew her tweet would elicit a strong public reaction, but she could not have predicted what happened next. The response was immediate. Women and survivors joined her in expressing their grief, their feelings of helplessness, and their willingness to help each other during a time when those in power continue not only to ignore, but to discredit their experiences.

In contrast, the second wave of responses came from “internet trolls,” as Vershbow calls them, who sent her messages ranging from slurs to death threats. She states that many such haters had “photos of President Donald Trump in their profile pictures or #MAGA in their bios”; a troubling yet unsurprising fact considering Trump’s public endorsement of Kavanaugh.

Unlike her Twitter where Vershbow “barely knows anyone” who follows her, Vershbow’s Instagram (though public) is mostly a way for her to connect with friends and family. She was horrified that any and all members of her family, right down to her “stepcousin once removed,” would be subjected to witnessing the trolls’ abuse along with her.


Vershbow on Insta



In typical troll fashion, though, not every move was entirely thought through; the trolls attempted to report Vershbow to her employer by tweeting at the publisher, not realizing that that as social media manager, Vershbow necessarily manages such accounts. Thankfully, her employer proved exceptionally supportive, and Vershbow was able to take down the post without feeling like she was giving her haters what they wanted:

It wasn’t until almost a week later, with a handful of trolls lingering on my company’s account, that I decided to take it down. By that point, I felt so fortunate to have the backing of my company that deleting one social media post to end the harassment felt like an easy decision. Anything to make those last few people who continued to email every public inbox listed on the company website move on.


Svershow on Insta



Vershbow’s experience with trolls is almost inevitable on a site that encourages its users to freely express their personal ideas with very little restriction. On the bright side, though, she declares that Twitter was a place of immeasurable support during emotional times:

In the wake of the Kavanaugh tweet, it was hard to feel optimistic about anything. I couldn’t shake the sense that we had fractured too far as a country to ever sew ourselves back up. And I’m so thankful to the community that reminded me there really is still good in this world. For a platform that hosts so much hate, there sure is a lot of love on there.


Svershbow on Twitter



In addition to providing an important sparking point in the debate around internet-policing and free speech, Vershbow’s experience provides a bit of hope to those of us who are equally as disheartened as she is with the results of the Kavanaugh hearings. The fact that a major publisher like Random House was willing to stand by her—even as her position proved controversial—is a huge victory.

Read Vershbow’s full article on HuffPost here!  

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11 Hilarious Literature-Related Tweets

Monday gets a lot of hate, but Tuesday is arguably worse- you’re not even half way through the week, you still have a misery-hangover from Monday, it’s probably raining, you may have seen a dead rat on your way to work…any number of unpleasant things can have happened by Tuesday.


But never fear, for Bookstr is here with a compilation of hilarious literature-related tweets from the endlessly amusing inhabitants of Twitter dot com. So, let these tweeters bring a smile to your face as we edge ever closer to hump-day, and sure, by then it’s nearly the weekend!


Via Tenor



Featured Image Via Know Your Meme

3 Amazing Bookstagram Artists to Check Out!

When you think of Bookstagram the first thing that comes to mind is book nerds, aesthetically pleasing photos of tea and coffee, book stacks arranged in rainbow colors. What a lot of people don’t know is that through this community there are endless possibilities. Some people create bookish candle shops, tour companies for upcoming releases, and much more. But today were going to brush up on (no pun intended) one of my personal favorites…the art part of the Bookstagram community! Yes, book nerds paint and create art work too.


lady of stardust's painting of the slytherin common room

Image via Instagram

1. ladyofstardust

Ladyofstardust is a horror enthusiast and illustrator, who creates paintings and horror-inspired art. Her artwork reflects on the books she reads and the passion she drives. She works with a variety of supplies from paint to charcoal to ink. The paintings are minimalistic with a splash of color and then finished off with a gorgeous frame.


the wicked reader painting

Image via Instagram

2. thewickedreader

Thewickedreader is book blogger who loves to paint and draw fandom-inspired pieces. Her artwork is based on the fantasy books she reads. Although she doesn’t have a website to sell her artwork, she posts plenty of them on her stories and her room is full of them! She even painted a few castles on her bedroom walls.



mapiful's hogwarts map

Image via Pinterest

3. mapiful

Mapiful isn’t exactly an independent bookstagrammer who paints and sells their own artwork but humor me for a minute. They have some gorgeous looking maps that are created by you. Mapiful is a company that turns any state of location you choose and turn it into a simplistic yet beautiful map. What does that have to do with books you might ask? Well, Mapiful has started doing maps inspired by locations from fictional worlds! That’s right, so if you’re looking for a Harry Potter, Prythian, or Ketterdam inspired map, all you have to do is request it. They have a variety of colors you can set your map to and you can even pick out the text that will be on the map itself.