9 Ambient Sound YouTube Videos Perfect For Escapism

I live my life one song at a time. That fact doesn’t change when I’m reading! To accomodate my crippling need, here are nine of my favorite YouTube videos to listen to!

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We all know that escapism is the game and books are the way we do it. Personally, I’ve always found that listening to some kind of music aids my ability to completely immerse myself into a story. If you’re the same way, then look no further becase I’ve got nine YouTube videos that you need to check out immediately! And if those aren’t your particular cup of tea, then I’ve got something else in store for you.

Winter Court ASMR

A Court of Thorns and Roses, ACOTAR, Ambience

cr. EnchantedAdventureASMR on YouTube

For all those ACOTAR lovers out there, this mix is perfect to fall into the Winter Court. It features soothing winds that are paired with a crackling fire that anyone can get into. For me, this is the perfect mix to have playing while I’m listening to a soft classical playlist, much like the ones on this list here!

A Court of Thorns and Roses follows Feyre, a nineteen-year-old huntress who kicks off the book by killing a wolf in the woods near her village. Though, this wasn’t any normal wolf; this was actually a shapeshifter from the nearby dangerous Fae lands. So whether you’re using this mix to follow Feyre into the Winter Court, or you’re using it to lull you to sleep, it’s definitely one I recommend you check out.

Journey Through Westeros

Game of Thrones Music and Ambience

cr. West and Worlds Beyond on YouTube

Game of Thrones fans don’t have to worry too much because you definitely aren’t forgotten (even if the ending of the HBO show is). This playlist is perfect to read George R.R. Martin’s books to or just do homework, imagining you’re making the trek to The Wall. My personal recommendation is to listen to the audiobook versions of A Song of Ice & Fire while we patiently wait for the next book, The Winds of Winter.

Time Traveler’s House

You’re invited to a Time traveler’s house [Immersive ambience Experience]

cr. T E R A V I B E on YouTube

This is definitely a first for me. I’ve never seen an “immersive ambience experience” before researching this playlist. That being said, they’re definitely a staple for me now. It isn’t required that you watch the video to enjoy the ambiance of it, but it for sure adds to the overall feel of the music.

I feel like with the popularity around HBO’s adaptation of The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger, this is just fitting. The story follows Henry as he’s thrown through time and his romantic interest Clare. Honestly, this reminds me a bit of the library Erasmus keeps in Barbie of Swan Lake.

Vampire Tower ASMR Ambience

Rain and Thunder with Fireplace, Old Books, and Quills

cr. Miracle Forest on YouTube

Now this mix doesn’t have a fandom directly associated with it, but I like to think that it’s made for the Vampire Academy babes. We deserve to eat too, and we are at the dinner table with this playlist. I can almost hear Lissa and Rose arguing about nothing in the corner of my mind. Better than that I can hear one of them laughing in this mix! Honestly, any ASMR video from Miracle Forest on YouTube is going to be a hit for me.

oh Captain, my Captain!

Dead Poets Society Dark Academia Playlist

cr. Emotive Ambience on YouTube

If you haven’t taken a dip into the world that is the Dead Poets Society, you’re missing out, and now you know it. This is going to come as a shock to no one, but playlists like this are always playing on repeat when I’m around. Not because dark academia is my favorite aesthetic, but because things like this are just beautiful. They give me calm feelings that are unmatched by other mixes.

Dead Poets Society is about a group of kids at a private school with a new English professor. After a few lessons, the boys resurrect the Dead Poets Society– a secret club where, free from the cronstraints and expectations of school and parents, they let their passions run wild. If you were someone who was confined to the school system, this book is for you. However, it does get a bit… dicey at the end, so fair warning.

A Pride and Prejudice Playlist

Mr. Darcy has just proposed in the rain

cr. nadia on YouTube

This playlist is based off of Pride and Prejudice 2005, so think Keira Knightly and Matthew Macfadyen when you listen to it. We aren’t going to get into which is the best Pride and Prejudice today (though we have ranked Jane Austen’s book boyfriends here), but this playlist is perfect for Austen lovers. Be lulled into a sense of security by the dulcet tones and light rain sounds.

Driving Through Forks

A Twilight Comfort Playlist

cr. OldMoneyClub on YouTube

This is a seventeen-song playlist that spans all of the Twilight franchise. If you’re looking for the nostalgia of that blue filter and horrific contacts (see my opinion of them here), then this is for you. Really this is perfect way to combine the books and the movies. For me, the soundtrack and score of a movie are vital to merge the two, and Twilight is definitely on the better end of that scale.

Twilight follows Bella as her world is turned upside down when the boy of her dreams turns out to be a century-old vampire. To add fuel to the fire, her best friend turns out to be a werewolf. The vibes are definitely there in this mix and there’s nothing better than just vibing, am I right?

Thunderstorm at Hogwarts

Thunder, Rain & Crackling Fire Sounds for Sleeping, Relaxing, Studying

cr. Visual Sleep on YouTube

This is the mix for people whose escape is Hogwarts. This edition is the Gryffindor common room, though you don’t have to take that into consideration much. What we have here is a classic ambient soundscape that is designed to give stimulation to a part of the brain that needs it to help the rest of the brain focus. But like I’ve said before, everything depends on the mood that you’re going for.

Medieval Fantasy Tavern

D&D Fantasy Music and Ambience

cr. Daydreaming of Persephone on YouTube

I wish I had the imagination and stamina to play Dungeons and Dragons. I’ve recently become obsessed with watching people play D&D on YouTube and Twitch, and I just like gape in awe. I wouldn’t be good at it, but I love watching the campaigns these Dungeon Masters come up with. That being said, this playlist is a new favorite subgenre that I search for. It makes me think of my time at the Texas Renaissance Festival and Stranger Things.

A good majority of these playlists have a Spotify equivalent if YouTube isn’t your favorite platform to use. Now, I did mention having something for the people who didn’t find something they loved in my list of recommendations. Ambient Mixer is a website chock-full of atmoshpheric sound mixes that people have made! It also has a way that you can create your own mixes to suit your needs. All those late night studying reading sessions can now have a specific playlist!

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