These 10 Spotify Playlists Will Complete Your Perfect Literary Summer

Gather some sunscreen, a book, these playlists, and a hunger for adventure, your perfect summer is about to begin.

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Summer is a great time for adventuring, getting outdoors, and breaking up that boring daily routine. But that doesn’t mean you have to stop reading. But with the hectic nature of summer, it can be important to set the vibe of a relaxing time to read. And what better way to get in the reading headspace than with some reading music? So, no matter where you’ll be spending your summer, I have a reading playlist for you!

1. Reading at the Beach


The sun beating down on your back, the breeze in your hair, and the smell of sunscreen and ocean waves create a perfect beach day. With Reading At The Beach by Spotify User Valarie, you will calmly drift into another world as the waves hit the shore. Now all you need is a beach blanket, some sunglasses, and your favorite beach read.

2. Reading at the Pool


If you prefer the pool to the beach, you can still enjoy a relaxing summer reading experience- plus you won’t have pounds of sand to get rid of when you’re done. Just hit play on Reading By The Pool by Spotify User Muriël and the vibes will be perfect to crack open a good book by the refreshing water.

3. Lakeside Reading


Continuing with the bodies-of-water theme, what could be more of an idyllic summer day than sitting by the lake, playing chill music, and reading a book? Some lakes can definitely be gross, but it still sounds amazing in theory. So whether you’re actually reading by the lake, or just want to channel those lakeside vibes, Summers at a Small Town Lake House by Spotify User Amy Antonia has got you covered. 

4. Laying in the Grass with a Book


Sitting in a field while you contemplate putting on more sunscreen is peak summer energy. Reading in a field with summery music in the background takes this scenario to a whole other level. Full relaxing tracks and some singer-songwriter masterpieces, Reading on the Grass in the Summer Sun is just the playlist to flesh out an amazing summer afternoon. 

5. Reading in a Remote Cabin


You wake up to the sounds of birds chirping and leaves rustling as a cool breeze comes in through the window. Staying in a log cabin is a great calm and serene summer getaway. The only things that could make this better are a good book and a cup of coffee. From acoustic, woodsy tracks, to alternative bops, Log Cabin in the Mountains on a Rainy Day by Spotify User Jresclovon would be a great addition to any reading and relaxation day. 

6. Road Trip Reading


Reading during a long car ride can only mean one thing: road trip!! Getting lost in other worlds is an amazing way to pass the time on the way to your destination. You can easily spend hours immersed in a story with Reading in the Car with the Volume Low by Spotify User Caoilinbrady.

7. Reading on the Train


There’s a good chance that an adventurous summer will include a train ride or two. Whether it’s traveling through the mountains or simply a part of your daily commute, the train can be an exceptional setting for reading. The natural light and quiet (or quiet from noise-canceling headphones) allow you to let your mind ease and forget about the hustle and bustle of the rest of the world. For a truly spectacular train reading session, don’t forget to press play on Reading on the Train by Spotify User -Lieke-.

8. Reading at a Parisian Cafe 


I’m not sure when everyone decided to go to Europe this summer, but it seems I’ve missed the memo. If you find yourself at a Parisian cafe, be sure to bring a good book of poetry. Or, if you’re like me and can only hope to create this aesthetic at home, you can just grab a book and put on this playlist. Reading Poetry in a Paris Cafe by Spotify User Vanessa is the perfect way to visit Paris this summer without paying for a plane ticket. 

9. Reading Fanfiction at 3 A.M


Real talk: summer does not need to be this picturesque adventure that resembles being the main character in a coming-of-age movie. Summer can also be reading fanfiction at 3 A.M. We’ve all been there and we all do not want to admit it, but this can be just as fun as reading a romance at the beach or a classic in the woods. So get ready to read, jam out, and create your own fanfic-esque scenarios in your head with Reading Fanfiction At 3 A.M by Spotify User Maggie Lyerly. 

10. Reading Under the Sun


If none of these playlists have caught your interest so far, I’m confident that this one will. Reading in the sun can be applicable anywhere your summer adventures take you. There’s nothing better than a good book and rays of sunshine hitting your skin- as long as you don’t forget that SPF. For the best kind of sunburn, check out Reading in the Sunshine by Spotify User Tiana Litchfield.

I hope these playlists inspire you to bring your love of reading with you wherever you go. After all, is it really summer without books?

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