‘The Blind Prince’: A Curse, Crows, and Romantic Adventure

The Blind Prince is a dark fantasy Webtoon that is about romance, a curse, and a forbidden forest adventure with a prince who has no eyes.

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Craving a dark fantasy that is filled with adventure, mystery, a curse, crows, and a…blind prince? Well, the Webtoon comic The Blind Prince has all those things and it is ongoing. Once a Canvas Webtoon, now original creator cozycroww, which now updates every Wednesday. Read further for more information and the characters you’ll meet.

The Blind Prince Plot


Elaine desperately tries to hide the feathers that riddle her skin, all for the sake of love. But her curse leaves her rejected ad trapped behind a wall deep within the forbidden forest. With no way home to find, her only option is to rely on a mysterious Prince with no eyes, whose determined to reclaim his home.



Elaine is a sweet girl but she is stuck isolated most of her life. We don’t know anything about the father, but her mother is strict and keeps her alone in her room. Although the mother is protecting her from her curse, she always puts Elaine down and tells her to keep her emotions in check. If Elaine hides her emotions the feathers won’t spread. Elaine has been out sometimes, she is close friends with Isabella, a refined girl from a wealthy family, and a secret boyfriend to Charles, who she hopes can be her savior. But things go sideways when she is invited to Isabella and Charles’s birthday. Her secret is revealed only for Charles to push her into the forbidden forest. Even with her crow friend, Kadena, by her side, she meets a mysterious caged boy with no eyes. Can he help her get home?



Sebastian is a prince and was soon to be coronated. But he has been trapped in a cage by the mysterious Ward that runs this forest. With a tiny cute crow, he named Bartholomew as a companion, he is watched by the other crows and lies in wait. When he hears a mysterious girl approach, he takes it as an opportunity to ask for her help. He may be charming and smooth, but she is determined to find her way home and asks for his help. With his magical powers back, his priority is reaching his kingdom and being coronated.



Charles is the twin brother of a wealthy family. His sister Isabella is known for her beauty, while he is known for his hunting skills and inheritance of the family business. He wants to make his family proud and make a legacy. With his steady girlfriend Elaine, he believes they are the perfect match and proposes to her on his birthday while they traipse around the forest. However, things begin to take a dark turn as Charles discovers Elaine’s curse on her arms. He immediately pushes her into the mystical realm within the forest. He swears he did the right thing, but when all is revealed, he regrets his actions. he may mask it well with anger and blaming, but helping his sister take the forbidden forest map and escorting her on this journey will hopefully be enough time for him to reflect and win Elaine back.



Isabella is the twin sister to Charles and has more of a voice in defiance. She is very friendly toward Elaine, even though she rarely sees her. Determined to invite her to her birthday party, she sent gifts to Elaine’s mother. Isabella enjoys the fun and mischief they get into together. Then she discovers Elaine’s secret the same night and wants to make amends and find her. So she is determined to find the map of the forbidden forest and search for her. Her strong will makes her a great character that is a true friend to Elaine, let’s see what adventures test her courage.

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