‘When Jasy Whistles’: An Exciting Webtoon Action Fantasy Adventure

Read on for a quick analysis on “When Jasy Whistles.” The dark fantasy Webtoon with mythological romance sure to spark your imagination.

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Prepare for a fantasy full of adventure, mythological legends, and a fearless villager chief who wants to rescue her best friend. Webtoon When Jasy Whistles is a fantastic journey filled with sorrow and hope. Creator Cibeles updates this comic every Thursday.


When Jasy Whistles: Plot


In ancient times the people believed that the forests of Paraguay were filled with Gods and monsters. Hela grew up outside of modern Asuncion. She never considered those stories to be real. But when her best friend disappears and is supposedly kidnapped by Jasy Jatere, she must go in search of her friend and understand this new world of Gods.



Hela is the new chief of her village. She has always looked up to her grandmother, the village’s previous chief. But when her grandmother passed, and it was Hela’s time to lead her people, they slowly left, thinking about the modern future outside their village. She has always been brave, putting others’ needs before her own. She had a strong relationship with Rodrigo who was always picked on. Hela didn’t understand why he was bullied nor did she care about the assumptions about him and his mother. When she noticed his disappearance she set off to find him. This adventure led to the discovery of a legend she was told as a kid, Jasy Jatere. When he openly admits to taking Rodrigo to open a sacred gate, he now needs her help to get him back. But can she trust this demi-god who is known for deception?

Jasy Jatere


He was born an adorable vessel devoid of passion. His other godly brothers referred to him as his mother’s pet. Doing things for his mother hasn’t necessarily fulfilled him; and, with a curse laid upon him by his sire, he wants to seek revenge and destroy his father. He has trusted humans in the past, only to be betrayed in the end. So why should Hela be any different? He has only been seen as a curse and a danger, void of all emotion, and whistles his tune to lure others to their demise. Kidnapping Rodrigo from the village to set the gate open and himself free doesn’t go well. He decides to make a binding contract with Hela, hoping she will sacrifice herself through this journey to open the gate. What he didn’t realize is how selfless and fearless she is. With this fearless leader at his side, can he finally find trust in a human?



Rodrigo was always sheltered as a kid by his mother. They were under a curse that would make their eyes bleed during a red moon. Even though he was weaker than the other village children, he wanted to play and be a part of it. But being isolated for so long he didn’t know how to make friends. When Hela witnessed his fear of arrows and his eye curse, she didn’t bat an eye; she simply accepted him. Where others believed him to be a monster, she did not. Throughout the years, she always stood by his side and became his most important friend. Now that he has been kidnapped and taken to the gate by Jasy Jatere, will he ever see Hela again?

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