Diversifying Bookshelves With Our Bookstagrammer of the Week: @yasminereads

Having read since her youth, Bookstagrammer Yasmine has been expanding her repertoire of genres as a reader from the get-go. From fantasy to historical fiction, she has read it all!

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We’re back to introduce you to another Bookstagrammer of the Week, @yasminereads. From New York to Arizona, she’s reading and romanticizing books of all genres and bookshops across the coasts and bringing us along through her Bookstagram. We can’t seem to get enough of her beautifully detailed book reviews and aesthetically pleasing feed and we know you’ll love her just as much as we do!


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An image collage of Bookstagrammer Yasmine; one with her in a pink cardigan holding the book Seven Days in June by Tia Williams, and another image of her donning a white tshirt that reads, "Reading is sexy" as she admires a stack of books.
Cr: Yasmine / @yasminereads

Before we share everything we know and love about Yasmine, here’s the rundown of our Bookstagrammers. Every week, Bookstr’s outreach team connects with up-and-coming Bookstagrammers creators to give you an inside look at their bookish lives and get the answers to all of the questions you’ve been dying to ask. With that being said, this week’s focus is on none other than @yasminereads and we can’t wait for you to get to know more about her!

It is obvious reading is a passion of yours and we’re curious — when did you first get into reading? 

It might sound cliche, but I’ve been reading since I can remember. Very young, I would immerse myself in books. I used to take the bus to bookstores and would walk to my local library and discover books like fantasy (Inkheart, Harry Potter, Twilight, etc.) and then even Historical Romances (yes, what you see on your grandmother’s shelves and they’re SO good). Now my reading range has really expanded, but you’ll never forget your first!

A lot of us say that we discovered our love for reading when we were young, but don’t have the adorable candids to prove it. Unlike Yas, we can’t get over her cuteness as a young reader. I mean, look at her!

Where are you from? Do you have a favorite bookstore close to home? 

I’m from Phoenix, Arizona! My favorite bookstore back home is Changing Hands on Camelback, it’s a bookstore/bar/coffee shop and they have great author events. Also, a beautiful fireplace perfect for winter reading (obviously not for Arizona summers)! Support your local bookshops

Near or far, we all have a favorite bookstore somewhere and Yasmine has visited stores across the world. From New York and Arizona to London and Paris, she is not short of suggestions of the best spots to grab a new read and cozy up with a cup of coffee or tea. 

As a bookworm, you have read a lot of books, and we’re curious; what is one book you wish was required reading?

A book that I think should be required reading would be Babel by R.F. Kuang and The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller!

Yas gives The Song of Achilles 5/5 stars and deems it “THE favorite” book of her collection. Check out the start of her The Song of Achilles shrine. We definitely don’t blame her because it’s the type of book that breaks you and puts you back together all in one.

Which fictional character do you feel most connected to, and why?

A book character recently that I feel the most connected to would be Briana Ortiz in the book Yours Truly by Abby Jimenez. Her brother is going through kidney failure, and the way she cares for her brother and navigates this autoimmune disease is exactly what I’m going through with my little sister at such a young age. “Because when you have people who love you, they hurt along with you.”

Finding a personal connection to fictional characters is what makes them so special to us and we loved hearing that Yas could find a character and book that she could closely relate to with her younger sister. Visibility is so important and Abby Jimenez did just that!

How do you stay motivated when creating bookish content? 

I have to remember when making creative bookish content that this is just for fun and it’s my creative outlet! I looooove playing around with designs and getting creative with different ideas, and it’s ultimately for me but others may relate to it too. When you get too serious about the planning mechanisms of it, it’s not fun anymore. Reading is a hobby I love of mine and so is the bookish content; they go hand in hand.

Yasmine provides her followers with a consistent flow of content, including book reviews, her travels to different book shops across the globe, recommendations, and fun memes and graphics. Her content is never short of fun, entertaining, and beautifully designed, and definitely what we want to see every time we open our Instagram feed.

You seem to have a deep love of music. Are there any songs that you specifically attach to certain books? 

It’s funny you say that about music because I do listen to music when reading but it’s predominantly instrumental! I have a song that matches a book and I’ll usually play it on repeat, so whenever I go back to listen to that song, it’ll remind me of that book and those characters. Music while reading also just makes me so emotional! I truly believe that a song or scent will bring you back to a memory. Also, so much from Folklore by Taylor Swift really connects to so many books for me. “This Is Me Trying” by Taylor Swift reminds me of Lily and Lo from the Addicted Series, and “Cruel Summer” will remind me of A Summer of Broken Rules!

What is one thing your Bookstagram has taught you? 

Bookstagram has taught me that there is so much more to reading that I would never have been introduced to if it wasn’t for the recommendations of others. Diversify your reading! And that there are like-minded people out there who love to read and obsess over characters just like I do. I’m definitely thankful for the community and friendships from the Bookstagram community the most!

Yasmine started her Bookstagram in July of 2021 and has shared a diverse group of books from historical romance, graphic novels, contemporary, and fantasy. She’s truly taking her own advice and encouraging us to do the scary thing and step outside of our reading comfort zone.

Be sure to check out Yasmine’s feature on our Instagram, @bookstrofficial! And don’t forget to follow her for more bookish lifestyle content!

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