The Beast of Hadingley Hill: Fantasy Kingdom Webtoon

The Beast of Hadingley Hill is a perfect fantasy Webtoon with mystery and drama for those who aren’t into spooky this season.

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I know everyone is raving about Game of Thrones, with its kingdoms, dragons, and such. Now along with that comes House of Dragon.

If you enjoy the kingdom themes and drama then here is an ideal Webtoon read. The Beast of Hadingley Hill Webtoon was created by Horatio Marissa and had a complete first season. It updates on a weekly basis and the second part will be coming later this year.

If your genre is a drama with fantasy this is a perfect story of a clean slate in a new kingdom vibe.

The Beast of Hadingley Hill Plot

The Beast of Hadingly Hill

Twenty years ago a witch cursed the land of Clara Maria, isolating the Hadingley Hill Palace. The princess turned into a monster. But Mallory has her own problems she doesn’t care about the kingdom’s predicament. She voluntarily works for the royals of the palace. She soon will learn of the deeper secrets in Clara Maria, including herself.

Meet the Main Characters of the Kingdom

Mallory Blahz

The Beast of Hadingly Hill, Mallory Blahz

Mallory is far from home, she left her husband Lucas de Layan, and his sister Karina. A traumatic incident has occurred and she thought it best to leave. Her past is somewhat of a mystery and she is determined to start over. She has secrets of her own and it’s best she starts fresh. A connection is made with Juliet, a friendship has formed and she will stay by her side while trying to figure out her future.


The Beast of Hadingly Hill, Juliet

She is the cursed princess. Although she is kind-hearted people still walk around eggshells near her. She covers her face and hands. Juliet has had several ladies in waiting and many have quit in fear. When her emotions are high her body can transform into a more sinister beast.

However, upon meeting Mallory, she was shocked that someone wasn’t scared of her or even cared. She dressed, bathed, and accompanied her. Juliet considers Mallory a friend who can see her at her lowest. Will she ever find true love with anyone who can love and accept her cursed form?

Samuel Valle

The Beast of Hadingly Hill, Samuel Valle

Sam is very perceptive and easily annoyed. He respects the princess and will do anything to protect her. Witnessing all the ladies in waiting to give up he expects Mallory to tuck and roll out of there. Surprisingly so she does not and this makes him more suspicious. Being determined to figure out her past he lurks and tries to decipher her agenda. He is a skilled swordsman and a palace guard for the Palace with secrets of his own.

Wilbur Wood

The Beast of Hadingly Hill, Wilbur Wood

He is eccentric yet loves the topics of Folklore and witch studies. He tutors the princess in various studies and is very close to Fritz, one of the guards. He loves to ramble on about all kinds of book subjects and works at the grand library.

Fritz Bernhard

The Beast of Hadingly Hill, Fritz Gerhard

Fritz comes from a poor family and works at the palace as a guard with Sam. He enjoys spending time with Wilbur and gets shy and timid around him and others. He is pretty strong and diligent. He is more friendly and open to other staff in the palace and blushes whenever Wilbur is near or when they are studying.

I hope these characters intrigue you because there is more to their stories coming in season two. For more Webtoon recommendations, go to Bookstr every Wednesday.