Read ‘Little Matcha Girl’ For A Family Mafia Fantasy

Need a fall read that isn’t exactly Halloween? Interested in a dark fantasy about a mafia necromancer family and a girl who wants to be a normal RuneTuber? Some comedy and undead is what I recommend.

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For those who enjoy Godfather mafia vibes and a dash of magical fantasy with ghosts and demons, Little Matcha Girl is the Webtoon match for you. With the fall season, there is a need for a creepy fantasy with dark twists of mafia family drama. The creator mame ´・ω・` updates their comic every Tuesday. Let’s dive into what this Webtoon is about.

Little Matcha Girl: Plot

Little Matcha Girl plot

Matilda wants to be a famous RuneTube star, to be able to go on adventures and share her life with others around the world. But being the granddaughter of a killer mafia boss and learning the family business of necromancing as a tradition, she might have to keep her dreams a secret or on hold. Will she be able to forge her own destiny? Or will family ties and mafia dramas get in the way?

Meet the Characters

Matilda Cha

Little Matcha Girl, Matilda Cha

Matilda is an only child of the Cha family Mafia. Her family is filled with necromancers who have various jobs in keeping the family business up and running. being a necromancer in this world is a crime, being seen talking to ghosts, shades, and demons/spirits good and evil is wrong. So she is stuck hiding that part of herself, with rules and expectations to have no living friends and to follow the path of necromancy. But she doesn’t want that, she wants to be an advlogger, have adventures, and uses the popular site RuneTube, to post her adventures. So when she returns to the place she grew up in, she is determined to create allies and find her true calling. But a few interruptions get in the way.

Mai & Gen

Little Matcha Girl, Mai & Jen

These twin siblings aren’t related to the Cha family by blood. They were found in the catacombs almost on the brink of death. But thanks to Matilda they are brought into the family and rehabilitated. Now they are her brother and sister. They love to create potions because of their grandmother, Gamma, an all-powerful necromancer spirit. They love different kinds of cookies and cause trouble, but Matilda loves them.

Luka Vendeval

Little Matcha Girl, Luka Vendeval

Luka has a very popular father who is an adventurer and gets paid to do advertisements and such. However, the expectations to be the best new adventurer are weighing on his shoulders. He doesn’t want to be in his father’s shadow, he just wants to do his own path. So upon meeting Matilda by coincidence he finally meets someone who understands parental expectations. So they strike a deal to work on adventures together while Matilda uses them to vlog. Although he doesn’t like advlogging, there is a story behind that. But he has his own powers and a dark secret of his own behind that face bandage.


Little Matcha Girl, Grayve

He is a popular RuneTuber with a sick following, he explores different haunted places and posts about it. When Matilda and Luka are hired for assistance, he doesn’t think much of them. However, certain circumstances bring secrets into the light and they all become somewhat new friends. His powers make him somewhat of a necromancer but only to cleanse souls. He is an ex-cleanser but uses it when needed. He is self-absorbed and goofy.

Ced, Eleanor, Hank, Tynan

Little Matcha Girl, Ced, Eleanor, Hank, and Tynan

(Characters’ names and images read from left to right) the characters here are necromancer hunters. they work for the church to some capacity and it’s their job to cleanse and wipe out any necromancers and bad spirits. They believe all necromancers are evil and are working with the deceased and spirits. When they discover a house with twins and an older sister talking to spirits they immediately go on a hunt to find them.


Little Matcha Girl, July

He is a reaper who is very familiar with the Cha family. He has tried to convince Matilda’s Gamma and Grandfather to go to the other side. however, they have resisted and are spiritually alive and undead to continue the Mafia business. When an old contract from when Matilda was a young child comes into play, she must be his successor. Reluctantly he strikes a deal with her in exchange for one wish. She decides to ask for a selfless wish. Will her reaper training go well?

Aunt Adeleide

Little Matcha Girl, Aunt Adeleide

She is Matilda’s aunt. She is edgier and scary than Matilda’s actual mother. She runs the killing operations for the family business. She helps organize assignments to assassinate targets dead or otherwise. She has a sweet smile but doesn’t cross her or else. She is one of the adults who are forging a path for Matilda since other types of family jobs didn’t fit quite right.

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