‘Aza’ is a Historical Fantasy Webtoon of Dark Strategy

A world where demons and humans are at war. ‘Aza’ is a historical webtoon with fantasy elements that will have you hooked. With drama and sneaky agendas, will peace ever prevail?

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Maybe spooky or typical gore isn’t your type of Webtoon. Sometimes a dark story or a little bit of a fantasy storyline is all you need. Historical dramas are very popular yet overlooked as potential reads. Aza is a Webtoon that has a historical art style and storyline with fantasy and dark themes. If you want a historical war with demons and fantasy powers, hierarchy, and dark strategy plots, then keep reading. Creator @usaesae updates this comic every Monday.

Aza: Plot


Humans throughout history have been at war with demonic creatures called the Fallen. They have been banished to live in the Barrens because they were once humans who have greatly sinned. The King of the Fallen, Azazel, is captured by imperial hunters led by General Mu Ryoung. However, the reputation of the King was false, Azazel is compassionate and cares for his people who have been hunted by humans. So he offers himself up in exchange for his people’s safety. As you read this, you may question who is the true sinner. When Azazel plans to use the general to change his perspective and hopefully prevent another war, will he succeed, or will there be complications?

Meet Characters of the Celestial Capital

Mu Ryan


He is the right-hand General for the Celestial Capital and leader of the imperial hunters. He is the eldest son of the Mu Clan, and the Empress is his sister. He has been raised with high expectations by an abusive father. He has shown responsibility and leadership. He treats others with fairness and respect when earned. Upon capturing Azazel, he expected a cold-hearted ruthless monster. However, his eyes have opened to this compassionate Fallen King. The more he interacts with him, the secrets of his kingdom become darker, and he does not know who to trust. Will he stick by his family’s side or help Azazel on a path to peace?

Jeong Jin


He is the prince of the Celestial capital, yet he is not biologically a part of the family. He was born out of wedlock from a poor family who worked in the palace. Despite this, he has thrived and worked hard to be useful to the Mu Clan. He is now in charge of the many tasks within the palace. However, he is shunned by the King, the Empress, and the General’s grandfather. He wants respect, and he will use the Fallen by any means necessary.

Yeong Shin


He is loyal to the kingdom, especially prince Jeong Jin. He admires him immensely and is the professional blacksmith for the palace. He creates all kinds of weapons. Recently he has been using Mana, a powerful energy source that comes from the Fallen’s horns, to create weapons that can kill them and provide great resilience.



She is the figurehead of the kingdom. While her grandfather is ill and always prays in his quarters, she is the face that gives her Celestial capital hope. The plan was to make Prince Jeong Jin next in line to rule. But being looked down on has complicated her plans. However, she puts on a smile and cares for her brother General Mu. The Kingdom rests on her shoulders, and she does it with poise.

So Heum


He is the new left-hand general for the kingdom. He is from the So clan and was known for his military investments and merchant companies. He soon made a name for himself which earned him his position.

Meet Characters of the Barrens: The Fallen



The King of the Fallen has protected his people for a very, very long time. He has lived in the Barrens and showed compassion for all. Haunted by centuries of human war and bloodshed, he just wants everyone to live in peace. But being hunted for their horns and power makes it difficult to negotiate. When he is captured by the general, he uses this as an opportunity to strategize and form alliances and create a world where the humans will be compliant and choose peace. Peace may be the goal, but he is aware of the blood and potential losses that may follow.



She has been captured by humans and has bid her time. She has waited for King Azazel to make his move. When the moment finally comes, her loyalty shines through, she is willing to sacrifice her mana for the king to be free. Managing to survive, she is now somewhat human. With no horns and special contacts to make her dark eyes seem normal, she works inside the palace and helps Azazel with his bidding. She soon has contemplative thoughts about humans and the Fallen altogether.



He is the second in command when Azazel isn’t around. He is a bit hot-headed and impulsive when it comes to fighting head-first. He has the taste of vengeance and the utmost respect for Azazel. He is aggressive but follows instructions from his King when the strategy starts to play out in the Celestial capital.



He is quiet and uses his head more than his fists. He is excellent at disguising himself among humans and creates a strategy of his own. Once he comes in contact with Azazel, they form a strategic plan and communicate cautiously. Although he is now a ‘female’ servant within the walls, he will be the messenger for stirring the pot and pitting others against each other.

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