‘He’s Harmless I Swear’: Webtoon Mouth Dropping Drama!

Prepare for an intense drama that includes themes of dark nature. A gripping Webtoon called ‘He’s Harmless I Swear!’

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Prepare for plot twist after plot twist with this intense jaw-dropping drama called He’s Harmless I Swear!. This Webtoon may seem self-explanatory in the title, but it leads to a far more interesting story filled with many forms of traumatic experience.

Content Warning: This Webtoon contains depictions of harm, violence, sexual violence, domestic violence, gaslighting, and traumatic topics. If you are sensitive to this content, I do not recommend reading this.

Although this story has a heavy dose of dark themes, the brightness at the end of the tunnel is justifiable. Creator Basil the Bear has created a drama with romantic themes and mental health awareness.

He’s Harmless I Swear! Plot


Tammy has a crush on her new neighbor Tomoya. Her dreams come true when they soon start seeing each other. But Tomoya holds a tough past that is hard to swallow. He prefers not to share immediately, and Tammy is content to learn more as they get close. But when they soon become a more serious couple,Tammy notices an odd side to Tomoya.



He has recently moved to a new neighborhood to start fresh. He has an adorable dog named Nala, and he starts looking forward to conversations with his neighbor Tammy. He thinks Tammy is one of a kind and slowly wants to get to know her. He always puts others’ needs before his own, and with trauma from an abusive father and ex-wife, he gets anxious and overwhelmed. Despite this, his heart is warm and opens up whenever Tammy is around.



Tammy is Tomoya’s new neighbor, and she thought he looked very sweet. After some time talking and watching how attentive he is to his dog Nala, they got close. Soon they are ‘seeing each other’ and start to form a connection. She is working in a therapy field and has noticed that Tomoya has been through a lot. She wants to help him overcome his trauma and process his emotions. As a friend and soon-to-be something more, there are moments when Tomoya is odd, and she is determined to figure out why. With a brother cop who is overly protective, and wealthy high-end parents, Tammy is down to earth and very open-minded when it comes to helping someone and providing advice and comfort. But she has her fair share of breakups and issues with her past choices.



He is Sam and Tomoya’s best friend. He accepts both of them and has stayed connected all these years. Even when Tomoya went through such trauma, so did Sam, and he stuck by them. He is very protective of both Sam and Tomoya as their best friend. He is married and lives far away but will always be there for them when needed.



She is the baby sister of Sam and Tomoya. When she was an infant and a child, she had dealt with abuse and fear from her father, and they both did the best they could to protect her. Now that Tomoya and Sam have moved out of the house and spread out on their own accord, she is stuck living with her neglectful mother. She finds joy in playing violin and sometimes gets bullied at school. She misses her brothers dearly, and soon she learns to trust Tammy.



He is the opposite of Tomoya. He is more brawn and aggressive. He has sarcasm and attitude and protects those he cares about fiercely and passionately. He always thought Tomoya was soft and would be the hard shell for him when needed. When he hears about Tomoya meeting Tammy, he isn’t sure at first. But based on Tammy’s support and kindness, he grew to trust her with Tomoya, maybe even like her. He has done anything to protect Soya and Tomoya through the past. One can say he would do anything to stop those he cares about from getting hurt.



Olivia has been best friends with Sam and Tomoya since they were young. She was aware of the abuse in that house and tried to convince Tomoya to leave. Sam on the other hand laughed in the face of danger and stuck it out for Soya’s sake. With her own verbally abusive rich father at home, she had made poor choices to save and sacrifice her relationship with Tomoya. Sam never liked her, only tolerated Olivia. Olivia became corrupt through being hurt by Tomoya and Sam’s father, it changed her, and she soon began to abuse Tomoya herself. The divorce soon happened, and she will do anything to get back into his good graces.



He is Tomoya and Sam’s half-brother. He always saw how Tomoya was treated as different. However, their bond wasn’t that strong. When Tomoya married Olivia, he started to see her behind his back. This created a huge fight and rift between the two, which hasn’t been mended ever since. Sam can’t stand Aki and would pick intense fights to get under his skin. Although Olivia and him aren’t a thing anymore, he keeps to himself and lives nearby.

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