Read Woven: Illegal Magic Weaving

Prepare for a historical fantasy about magical weaving. A blind girl discovering dark secrets of her kingdom after the war.

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Prepare for another fantasy within the creative historical fiction genre. Creators Lark & Wren created this Webtoon called Woven. I personally have read romances about red strings but this is far from a romance and the strings are something ancient in this story. Updates come every Saturday. Let’s dive into the plot.

Woven Plot


In this world, Dragons have fled and the mages are gone. All magic is gone and it is now illegal within the kingdom. Before this, dragons were respected and mages would partner with dragons and be granted their magical assistance in exchange for being given a large audience. There was greed and darker works on both sides which led to a horrible war. Fourteen years later and Ayse, born blind, is trying to find her place in this world. She sets on a quest to learn the illegal weaving of spells and soon unravels the truth about mages, dragons, and kingdoms.



Ayse is blind yet she can see the mystical strings of the dragons that soon left. She is not a mage, at least she doesn’t think so. When her mother is ill and she notices her strings are tangled, she soon is taken by Theophilos who offers her an apprenticeship at the Narkissa Cradle Fortress. She agrees and wants to make this as quick as possible. But Theo is hiding secrets and his quirks and lifestyle are causing delays in her plans. What is he up to? Why doesn’t he guide her more? Even though she is progressing, can she really trust someone she doesn’t know?



Theo is a mage of the mountains. He used to work at the kingdom, along with many of his comrades and Ayse’s mother. But he was accused of treason. There are many missing puzzle pieces, but one thing is for certain, everything has a purpose. All his journeys from Narkissa have a goal. He doesn’t share much and doesn’t keep a good schedule. He is chaotic and doesn’t notify Ayse of his whereabouts. However, with his guidance, she has been learning steadily. But his past and shenanigans haven’t gone unnoticed; he must reveal his truths or risk losing his ties with everyone.



She is Theo’s trusted right hand. She takes care of the others at Narkissa, including errands and other affairs. She is a grandmother figure to others including Ayse when she arrives. She knew Ayse’s mother during the incident that happened years ago.



She is an old ‘friend’ of Theo’s. Their relationship was severely severed by Theo’s choices in the past. Nothing is known about their relationship or what happened years ago. But she is now the queen merchant of Mahdasa.

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