Read Webtoon ‘Slice of Life’, Where Anime Comes Alive

A Webtoon that talks about anime coming into the real world. ‘Slice of Life’ is an LGBTQ comic that focuses on drama and writing your own story.

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We’ve all probably imagined one of our favorite Tv show characters come to life in the real world. Here’s a Webtoon that gives you a fun scenario of that experience. Slice of Life (GL) is an lgbtq Webtoon which brings the anime world into the real world. This is about high school drama and figuring out who you are beyond your fated story.

Slice of Life Plot


A gritty anime character from the popular show lady Vengeance is brought to the real world. She’ll learn there’s more to life than revenge and total darkness. She’ll find love in her own way through a kind hearted cheerleader.




She is a very atheltic and popular student. Lucy is a friend to all and is the cheerleading captain. Her wolrd turns upside down when an anime character comes to life in her twin sister’s bedroom. She seems on edge and scary at first, but she wants to lend a helping hand. But she begins to notice things about their new fantasy guest that are attractive.



Yuriko has always known trauma and vengeance. Her goal was to avenge her boyfriend and defeat the man that killed him. When she is transported into an unkown world, for the first time she realizes her life was a lie, scripted for people to see. But what about discovering beyond what she has experienced? While adjusting to every day life by going to school and figuring out who she is, Lucy is the perfect person who understands her. With the right support system she is slowly healing and finding out what she likes. Lucy’s kindness makes her heart race and her face turn red, can love really be her future?



She is always known as Lucy’s twin sister who is obsessed with the show Lady Vengeance. She has all the limited collectors items and decorations. Borderline obsessed is the right term. But she is super passionate about that show. People make fun of her for her passion and she can’t tell who’s genuine or fake. Being alone without a single friend, she wonders if Yuriko can fill that void in real life. Will she be able to love herself and find a true friend?



He is the star quarterback who is dating the cheer captain, or was dating the cheer captain. Lucy and Danta have been best friends forever and he just doesn’t see her romantically. He soon goes on a journey of self discovery and coming out to his friends.

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