R.U. Screwed, A College Romance Between Best Friends

A college romance with slice of life moments shared between best friends. R.U. Screwed focuses on navigating school, sexuality, and friendship.

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It may still be summer but the next college year is around the corner. You may not want to think about grades or classes, but this college romance Webtoon will have you thinking of the fun experiences in college. R.U. Screwed is a Webtoon created by KimmiKala and is read from right to left. The writing and friendship between the characters are considerate and well thought out.

R.U. Screwed: Plot


Howie and Sooch have been floormates since the first year of college and have become best friends. Out of everyone they trust each other the most and can be vulnerable. Howie secretly has a thing for Sooch. Sooch wants to make it through a semester at Raisley University. Will they lose their minds, or each other? This Webtoon contains alochol, drug use, and mature college experiences. Read with discretion.

Meet The R.U. Screwed Lovebirds



Howie has had a long term crush on Sooch, but he’s never acted on it. He’s been trying to open up about being gay to his friends slowly. Now that the truth is out he expected to be his usual self, especially around Sooch. He supports him in his studies and encourages him to do his best. Howie is a bioi major and has a great work ethic.

But being comfortable in his sexuality is taking a while to work on. When Sooch finds out his feelings towards him, he thinks it’s best to stay away and put their friendship on hold. But what if Sooch wants to figure himself out as well, will this just be heartbreak and a waste of time?



He goes by Sooch but his real name is Casey. He comes from a low class family and is trying to figure out what he loves in college. He has quit several majors over the first years and he sucks at studying. He doesn’t have a proper work ethic and it stresses him out. He enjoys partying and not focusing on studies. But when he is in jeopardy of failing for good he genuinely wants to give it a try and find the secret passion to pursue. With Howie’s help he’s been grateful. He can be vulnerable and insecure and not be judged by Howie. But things change when his best friend comes out and he finds out his crush. He has always liked girls, but he’s not so sure anymore. No one has had his back during the dark times like Howie.

Read on Webtoon to find out how this self discovery romance will go.


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