‘Encore!’ Webtoon: Childhood Friends to Enemies to Lovers?

When a past friendship is brought back to be tested, will they take the risk? Encore! is a high school drama Webtoon filled with potential romance for our two protagonists.

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Want a Webtoon with a childhood friends trope? Encore! has a great art style and lots of high school drama. Add a dash of romance and mending fences; it’s the perfect comic with short chapter parts! The creator theonlycaliroll updates every Friday.

Encore! Plot


After a falling out in middle school, two childhood friends are bought together in their senior year of high school. Clay didn’t expect to see Aaron in theater class, much less talk to him like nothing happened. He doesn’t understand his motive; with their past in shambles and almost unfixable, can Aaron really be trying to patch things up? Can they both reconnect and be friends again?

Meet the Encore High School Squad



He always enjoyed theater and having his best friend Aaron at his side. Although he was somewhat quiet, he had a group of friends who supported him. But when Aaron started pulling away around middle school, Clay didn’t have his closest friend anymore and didn’t know why. Bitter about the entire past, he does his theater and keeps his friends close. When Aaron starts approaching him in high school during their senior year, he ignores him. Now that they have a theater class together, he doesn’t believe Aaron is trying to mend things and be like the old days. His skepticism makes him closed off. But can Aaron really prove him wrong?



Aaron is on the swim team and runs with the ‘popular’ crowd. He has Erica, his girlfriend, who he spends most of his time with making out in the bathroom. He decided to take theater class and happened to see his childhood friend Clay. However, his charm doesn’t make them forget about the past. Clay is still upset and doesn’t trust him. Aaron is confused and tries to figure out his feelings and why he did what he did. He questions all his decisions when high school started. Is he truly happy? Is this who he really is or what he chose to be?



Part of the student council, Quinn is the logical and sweet mother figure in the group. When Clay is having trouble grasping the idea of Aaron reentering the group, she does the mature thing and gives Aaron the benefit of the doubt. She looks out for everyone in her group and gives great advice. Her responsibilities in the council have helped her create high school events. Her relationship with Hana is sparking, and she hopes their connection can stay that way.



Hana has had a huge crush on Quinn since they were kids. Their friendship was a little more special than the rest. She loves to wear pink and usually is the romantic, crazy type. She is quirky and loves to inspire and encourage her friends. She wants to bring Quinn and her relationship to the next level.



Alex is one of Clay’s closest friends. He is in theater club with him and has been secretly talking to a girl. He is quirky and loves to be goofy and fun-loving. He enjoys the time with his friends and wants the theater experience to be fun for all. He thinks they should give Aaron a small chance but leaves it up to Clay to decide.



Erica is Aaron’s girlfriend and enjoys their daily makeout sessions. She is a bit self-conscious that they haven’t had sex. She doesn’t go to his swim meets and feels generally insecure about their relationship. Ever since Aaron started hanging out with Clay, she has become a second thought. Is being intimate the only way to get closer? Does she even want that? Erica goes on her own personal journey of self-reflection to figure out what she wants from Aaron and their relationship.

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