‘Reunion’: Old Friends Reunite? Can Love Prevail?

When old childhood friends reunite, what will become of them once their new true selves emerge? Read ‘Reunion,’ a Webtoon romance of friendship and mystery.

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Have you ever reunited with someone from your past, and they’ve changed so much? Reunion is a Webtoon that takes two childhood friends with challenging pasts. Can love prevail and make them stronger to face these new versions of themselves? Creator stephattyy updates this comic every Friday.

Reunion: Plot


After moving away for a decade, Rhea returns to the city for independence. However, her days of being an adult are bleak until a familiar face appears. Feelings rekindle, and secrets come to the surface. Her childhood friend may not be who he was eleven years ago. Her relationship and friendship will be tested as she slowly discovers her closest friend’s secrets.

Meet the Reunited



Rhea has been close friends with Bas and Shiro since they were younger. When she had to move to the outskirts, she gave him a necklace to promise their reunion when they grew up. Although that day never exactly came, when she moves back to the city to start her life, she meets him again. Unexpected and shocked, she sees how he has changed. He kept the necklace she offered him as a gift long ago, and now she wants to know this new Shiro. But as trickles of suspicious behavior and distance make her curious, she fears what might happen to him or what he has become.



Shiro has always cared for Rhea. She never judged him and saw him as a true friend. The trio have been together for so long. But when Rhea left, a part of him broke. With Bas as his only reliable friend, he would distance himself. He took over the family business of sorts and does messy jobs he isn’t proud of. When he sees Rhea again, his past comes back. Suddenly, he feels ashamed. He wants to show her that he is the same but better, but how can he expose her to the world he truly lives in?



He is an overall goofball who has Shiro’s best interests at heart. Although Shiro is distant, he still has stuck by his side all those years. They live together, and if Shiro disappear, he gets worried but keeps to himself. When Rhea arrives, the trio is back together, and Bas makes the best of it. Hopefully, with her here, she can figure out what is going on in Shiro’s personal life.

This Webtoon plot kind of explains what is going on, but there is still mystery and thrill of what exactly that is or how deep Shiro and Rhea’s relationship will be tested. Plus ,the graphics are amazing and remind me of a sunset and galaxy color palette.

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