KAI- A Webtoon About Friendships, New Beginnings, and Love

KAI is a coming of age story about high school, new friends, and a romance that is brewing. With themes of eating disorders and mental health issues, a Hawaiian new student navigates their new world.

KAI is a Webtoon that’s a coming-of-age story. Get ready for a protagonist who is figuring out who they are, all while navigating new friendships, feelings, family, and drama. The Webtoon tackles mental health and body shaming as well. Created by queenue, this Webtoon gets updated every Monday. Ready for a queer romance?


KAI: The Plot


The story is set in New Jersey, 1986. Seventeen-year-old Kai is reeling from the loss of his parents. He moves from Hawaii to New Jersey with his over-the-top aunt. The boy next door varsity soccer player, Alex, takes Kai under his wing, but doesn’t know that his feelings for him will grow.




He is Hawaiian and just moved to New Jersey with his aunt for a fresh start. He has a passion for sports, which drives him to join the wrestling team at Westfield High School. Their neighbor, Alex, is very kind-hearted, and a friendship soon blooms between the two. A few people judge Kai based on his clothes and how they carry themselves. But meeting Alex created new friendships that accept Kai for who he is. Kai, however, is a bit insecure about his body and has been seeing a therapist.



Alex is a popular varsity soccer player at Westfield High School. He is Italian and has a slight accent. He also has two brothers who he takes care of and drives them to school. When he found out that Kai was his new neighbor, he seemed different from the other boys he’s met; he’s not only very kind, but also very good at sports, enjoys flowers, and has great fashion sense too. He decides to invite Kai over for dinner, sparking a friendship between the two. As Alex gets to know Kai more, he can’t help but blush and come to his aid whenever he can.



Angie is one of Alex’s old friends. The two of them used to have a relationship, but Alex wasn’t really into her romantically. They broke up and since then, there’s been a radio silence between the two. When they both reunite, she feels upset that Alex hasn’t genuinely apologized to her for the ordeal. Angie gets along with Kai very well, which makes Alex a bit jealous. Although she has a new group of friends, she is willing to mend her friendship with Alex.



Peyton is Kai’s deskmate at Westfield High School. She’s one of the first people to reach out and start a friendship with Kai. She is very kind and enjoys talking to Kai after class. She wants him to join one of the clubs she’s passionate about. One of Alex’s brothers has a huge crush on her.



Higashi comes across as cocky and a bit arrogant when he meets Kai for the first time. He’s one of the best wrestlers on the team and is Kai’s sparring partner for the season. He already underestimates Kai because he’s new to the school. Hopefully this is a just wholesome rivalry between the two, and that Higashi changes over the course of the story.

Now that you’ve met the characters, I highly recommend reading KAI on Webtoon. For updates on Webtoons, go seek out Bookstr on Wednesdays!