Waffles and Literature: Check Out This Unique Book Spot

June 29th is National Waffle Iron Day! Celebrate this fun holiday by visiting Fitz Books and Waffles in Downtown Buffalo, New York.

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Celebrate National Waffle Iron Day on June 29th by checking out this cool bookstore! Located in Downtown Buffalo, New York, Fitz Books and Waffles offers customers a unique cultural experience. Created by Brian Fitzpatrick, Fitz Books and Waffles offers a curated collection of used and new literature alongside waffles, which the shop serves during open hours. Fitz believes that books, along with other forms of art, function as agents of change necessary for countering hateful and dangerous ideas and movements in America, such as fascism and white supremacy.

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Fitz Books and Waffles hosts a collection of works ranging from literary fiction to poetry which all contribute to the overall mission of the establishment. Fitz spotlights books that reveal hidden histories as well as literature and art that highlights African American studies and social movements. Visit the store’s website to fill out an interest form and get back a book recommendation from the store. For more information on how to join the reading revolution, check out their website for book titles and prices.

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During their open hours, customers can come in and purchase a liege waffle at Fitz Books and Waffles. Liege waffles are caramel-flavored confectionary treats that originate from Eastern Belgium. Fitz makes their waffles with dough rather than batter, and customers can buy either a plain or chocolate flavor. Shoppers can enjoy their waffles as they navigate between bookshelves, or they can head out to the back patio to sit at a table. Visit the shop’s website to order your waffles ahead of your arrival at the store.

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From art exhibitions to musical events to book openings, Fitz Books and Waffles is always hosting exciting events at the store. Check out the store on Instagram and Facebook to be kept up to date on upcoming events.

Visit Fitz Books and Waffles store’s website here!

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