5 Things We Want To See In The Jon Snow Spin-off Series

We “know nothing” about the Jon Snow spin-off as it stands, but its announcement is enough to send us into daydreams about a satisfying extension of GOT.

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Last month, the announcement of a Jon Snow spin-off procured a whirlwind of fan discussion. Soon after the news broke, it was confirmed that not only was it Kit Harington’s idea, but he’s creatively involved with laying the groundwork for the spin-off alongside George R.R.Martin! For Game of Thrones fans who are still fuming about the show’s lackluster ending, this sounds almost too good to be true.

When HBO’s Game of Thrones (2011-2019) was still on the air, the fandom diligently crafted theories about the sprawling, multi-layered plot. I remember watching endless Youtube video conspiracies about Bran and the Night King, the Lord of Light, various prophecies, etc. No doubt, the overwhelming fan engagement surrounding the show’s past makes it so that any future projects are sure to have a fair share of critics.

That being said, here are five broad (and optimistic) points regarding things we want to see in the Jon Snow spin-off that will hopefully bring back that Game of Thrones magic that captured fans worldwide.

1. Dragons!

Dragons in Season 8 Game of Thrones
Image via HBO

If there’s one thing that cemented the magic and awe of watching Game of Thrones, it was the dragons. Though for most of the series, the dragons were tied distinctly to Daenerys, the big reveal of Jon Snow’s true identity brought him into the fray as a dragon rider.

Admittedly, one of the biggest letdowns of the TV show was how little Jon’s uncovered true identity as a Targaryen mattered in the grand scheme of things. The last time we see him he is exiled back to the Wall, heading out with the remaining Wildlings to the endless snowscape of the True North. It’s mighty unsatisfying, to say the least. Given that there is one dragon left (Drogon), I can only hope that we see Jon fulfill his identity as a Targaryen to a greater extent.

2. Ghost Being The Best Good Boy

Jon Snow and Ghost in Game of Thrones
Image via HBO

Is it even possible to have a Jon Snow sequel without his trusted dire wolf companion, Ghost? I certainly hope not! Throughout the series, the bond between Jon and Ghost was one of the most wholesome dynamics that graced the screen. I remember being absolutely terrified that we’d lose Ghost in the Battle of Winterfell.

Luckily, the best good boy survived and was able to reunite with Jon in the finale at Castle Black. Therefore, I expect Ghost to be at Jon’s side in whatever adventure fuels the spin-off. It’s non-negotiable!

3. Tormund and Jon Bromance

Jon Snow and tormund GOT
Image via HBO

Speaking of another unforgettable pairing….the Tormund and Jon bromance would be fantastic to see on screen once again. Based on where the series left off, all the circumstances line up for the two of them to traverse a “beyond the wall” adventure together.

The great thing about Tormund is that he always provided that much-needed comic relief towards the end of the series. I always think of him calling Jon “my little crow.” If actor Kristofer Hivju would reprise his beloved role in the spin-off, we could have even more wholesome bromance moments between this enemy turned friend duo. Honestly, if the sequel was 95% Tormund and Jon goofing around, I’d still watch it.

4. Some More Epic Action

Image via HBO

Going along with that which made Game of Thrones unforgettable, the brilliant, cinematic battles that spanned the seasons is right up there with the dragons. Some of Jon’s most memorable moments came from his stellar combat performances. From battling Ramsay Bolton’s army during The Battle of the Bastards to slaying White Walkers galore, Jon Snow knew how to stand his ground.

Though the major threats that sustained the plot of the show are seemingly gone, I have to imagine that there must be some new source of action to engender an entertaining spin-off plotline – whether it’s Wildling tensions or other supernatural creatures that lurk far into the snowy wilderness (remember the zombie polar bear from Season 7?!) No matter what’s in store, I hope it involves Jon wielding Longclaw in some way, shape, or form.

5. Uncle Benjen

Benjen Stark in Game of Thrones
Image via HBO

Okay, hear me out on this last one. Benjen Stark is a pretty minor GOT character who gets easily lost in the shuffle. The last time we see him is beyond the Wall when he rescues Jon from the White Walkers. Though he was long presumed dead, Benjen turns out to have been surviving in the cold, inhospitable terrain all this time after being saved by the Children of the Forest.

Being brought from the brink of death, he’s not a White Walker, per se, but he’s also not entirely human. This is because he had a piece of dragonglass pierced into his chest to save him from becoming another undead member of the Night King’s army. It’s all very convoluted, but the bottom line is that he stood out as an anomaly during the brewing war between the living and the dead. Plus, the way he survived was oddly similar to how the Children created the Night King ages ago. All of which has led to a conspiracy that Benjen did not die at the hands of the wights after rescuing Jon.

Though this is all complete and utter speculation, I would not be opposed to gaining more clarification (even if just by flashback) on what really happened to Benjen Stark during all his time beyond the wall – the same cold expanse that we will supposedly find Jon if the story picks up chronologically.

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