‘Summer Boo’: Need a Boys Romance Webtoon on the Beach?

June is the start of Summer and Pride Month. For those who read Webtoons and want a combo of the two, read ‘Summer Boo’ a boy love romance that takes place on a beach!

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Summer has already begun and Webtoon fans and comic readers alike need some new romance reads. Ready for a boy love trope about summer friends that gets more heated as you read? Summer Boo is a Webtoon boy love comic about childhood summer buddies becoming more than just friends. Enjoy the slow burn. The creator of True SEBA releases new episodes every Friday. If your genres include romance, comedy, and BL (boy love) then definitely add this to your Webtoon collection.


Summer Boo Vacation Plot


Lucas Delon (LD) is shy and has little to no love experience. This is his last summer before college begins and here he is with his family in the same place where he used to have summer vacations. Now he is eighteen and determined to gain experience, loosen up and be more social. When he reunites with an old childhood friend also named Lucas, from when they were kids during summer break, he rekindles that friendship and wonders if he can help.

Characters on Summer Vacation

Lucas Delon (LD)


Lucas or ‘LD’, as his childhood friend Lucas likes to call him, is a shy introvert. He is more comfortable playing his video games and not talking to anyone. He has a little brother named Luis and he isn’t really a wild go-getter child. Even at the age of eighteen, he is pretty much the same. He feels insecure about not having typical teenage experiences such as being kissed or even having a relationship at all. When going back to the ideal vacation spot that he went to as a kid he meets his friend Lucas aka ‘Luc’ who has always been a social butterfly. Now here he is, cool-looking, blonde hair and almost a spontaneous playboy. He gets a strange feeling when he’s around him, but can’t really identify what it is. Is it because he has friends, earrings, and smooth-talking attitude?

Lucas (Luc)


Luc always seems like the life of the party. He loves going to parties, meeting new people, and having summer flings. He misses his close friend also named Lucas, who he used to spend a lot of time with during his summer family vacations. But when he moved abroad for his studies, he never saw LD again, that is until now. Although LD was kind of his first crush, he is seen as the playboy with many flings with boys and girls. So why does LD coming back in his life cause complex old feelings to bubble up to the surface? To top it all off, he agreed to help LD find a summer boo.

Maria Correa


Maria’s goal was to find a summer fling this time. When she suddenly gets approached by a cute stranger she thinks her mission is over. Little did she know that she found a new summer friend who has a huge crush on his childhood summer friend who he thinks is ‘out of his league’. Although she hasn’t given up on finding a summer fling, she is determined to be friends with Lucas (LD) and help him confess his romantic feelings.



She is a fun gal who’s the life of the party. Like Lucas, she is very social and enjoys drinking and flirting as well. She is known for stealing Dan’s smokes and having a fun time. She is down for anything but prefers going to the beach to tan with her friends.



Although he is logical and very blunt with his friends, he joins the parties but more as an observer. He is a bit arrogant and takes his observations as a sign of being two steps ahead of his friends and how he can read people. However, it seems his facade is slipping. His old romantic feelings for Luc have resurfaced ever since a new guy, also named Lucas, came into the picture. Usually, you see him smoking and being quiet.

Aida and Nigel


Aida and Nigel are the only solid couple on this summer vacation. Nigel is twenty years old and Aida is eighteen. Nigel enjoys exercise and pretty much likes to party and make out with Aida. Aida enjoys the beach, spending time with Manon, and of course, being with Nigel. This lovey-dovey pair is a bit extra, but they prefer it that way.


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