Mysteries, Thrillers, and Pride, oh my! Bookstagrammer of the Week

For our latest installment of Bookstagrammer of the Week, we talked to Madi of @madismysteries! We’re talking all things mysteries, Pride and Bookstagram!

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Welcome back to our latest installment of Bookstagrammer of the Week! It’s been a minute since we’ve been able to spotlight some of our favorite Bookstagram accounts. For this week, we talked to Madi of @madismysteries, who keeps her followers intrigued with the thrillers and suspense that we all need in life. And bonus, this week is a special edition of our Bookstagrammer of the Week, celebrating Pride month! Let’s take a deep dive into Madi’s feed and learn just what makes this Bookstagrammer tick!

Icebreakers with Madi

Where are you from?

I’m from Vancouver, BC!!! I am going on exchange to the Netherlands for 5 months this fall so I’m sure you’ll get a bunch of photos from that! 

Why did you start your Bookstagram?

I started my bookstagram by accident! I made a “digital library” during COVID, so I could remember what books I read and just posted screenshots of the books I finished and then stumbled on a bunch of bookish accounts on my explore page and the rest is history!!

What does Pride month mean to you? 

Pride month for me means acceptance and love and amplification. Books have always been such a powerful method of finding your identity and having a chance to glimpse different life perspectives than yours that you would never otherwise have a chance. I honestly think books aside, @staxonstaxs has taught me more through her captions than I think I could ever adequately articulate.

How can allies support the LGBTQIA+ bookish community? 

Don’t just post “rainbow stacks” of books that are completely unrelated to pride month! Read pride books all year round and if you can’t afford to purchase them ask your library to stock them and support them that way!! 

How To Bookstagram by @madismysteries

What’s your special approach to your Bookstagram content?

I don’t know if I have one… I obviously am partial to mystery/thrillers but I do like all of the books. ALL. OF. THE. BOOKS. I also try and keep it real (be it giving my chaotic thoughts on a book that sadly missed the mark or my bookstagram 101 content where I spill the bookstagram tea that took me a hot minute to learn) but mostly just have fun with it! If it feels like a job and not a hobby I always check back in with myself. I already have a job that I adore, I don’t need another! But I do need a creative outlet of a hobby and bookish besties that are happy to hear me drone on and on about how page 67 of my current read has a reference to the author’s prior book, which I also loved. 

How would you describe your Instagram theme or aesthetic?

Currently rainbow bookshelf is my theme. Aka 600sq ft 2 bedroom apartment with 3 bookshelves and 150+ books is my theme. All the colours… all the happiness…

How often do you post?

It was every day but since I started my new job I’ve been a bit MIA but am starting to settle back in and posting on weekdays at the least!! 

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cr. Madi of @madismysteries

Pride Month with Madi

Do you celebrate Pride month on your Bookstagram? In what way? 

AMPLIFY AMPLIFY AMPLIFY. I cannot emphasize that enough!!! Amplify LGBTQIA+ voices aka accounts, authors, communities, etc. 

Which books would you recommend to our audience for their LGBTQIA+ representation? 

Oh man there are TOO many, Red White and Royal Blue, Wilder Girls, anything by Rachael Lippincott, Satisfaction Guaranteed, and so many more!!

Who are your favorite LGBTQA+ authors and books? 

VE Schwab (Addie LaRue of course), Bryan Washington (Memorial maybe my fav), Torrey Peters (Detransition Baby), Robert Jones Jr. (The Prophets), Casey McQuiston (Red White and Royal Blue) and so many more….

Is there anything you want to say to our LGBTQIA+ followers? 

Honestly, I just can’t stress enough how unique of an experience reading is. Diversify the books you read, the authors you read by, etc. It’s SUCH a privilege to be taught from peoples words written in books, take full advantage!

Anything else bookish you want to share with our audience?

Just that I’m so thankful for y’all for checking this out! Also randomly here is some books I adore: Th1rt3en, The Perfect Marriage, His & Hers, The Lies I Tell, and so many more, my DMs are always open!!

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