Alien Love Exists: Read P.E.T.S on Webtoon

Who says you can’t find romance across the galaxy? P.E.T.S is a Webtoon lesbian romance between a human and an alien.

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For our next new Webtoon update, we have a slow-burn alien love story between two women. P.E.T.S, written by Gyxks, is a science fiction, romance story with short chapters leaving you wanting more. This Webtoon updates on a weekly basis. There are over 100 chapters, so if you want to catch up, start reading!

P.E.T.S Alien Plot


Tasha begins a new life getting abducted by aliens. She has questions, is confused, and wants to find a way to escape back to Earth. When she is suddenly rescued by interstellar General Tourmaline, she is told her body is unfit to go home without possibly endangering Earth. Tasha’s journey of adjustment to this new world is with profound new feelings, as she tries to figure out who she is in this galaxy.




Tasha wants a fresh start and she usually keeps to herself, staying out of trouble. One day going to the mini mart, aliens take over the store and kidnap people. She fights for her survival, but nonetheless gets taken. When she wakes up in a strange place, she meets her rescuer, General Tourmaline. From her, she finds out that she may have a condition that could cause a pandemic on Earth if she were to be sent back. Not knowing what to do, Tourmaline suggests she learn more about space and accompany her, then decide what she wants to do with her new life. Her options are: a) join her rehabilitation program or b) go to a special planet that will be her new home. When she decides to stay with Tourmaline, she is grateful and is less afraid, but it is possible that her feelings are pure admiration for the general who saved her.



Tourmaline is a general who ventures across the galaxy saving all kinds of creatures from vigilantes and terrorists. When humans are suddenly being kidnapped from Earth, she doesn’t hesitate to rescue ones from ships. When she stumbles into a human named Tasha, she is intrigued. Granted she never wanted a companion (P.E.T.) as a mate before, but when she wakes Tasha up from sleep and explains her circumstances, they eventually become closer. Tourmaline takes Tasha under her wing and teaches her the ways of her alien culture and society. Will her feelings grow stronger with time and will Tasha even want to be her mate?

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