9 Summer Bookspots That Make You Wish You Could Teleport

Going on a vacation this summer and looking for a serene space to read? We’ve found 9 beautiful bookspots that are on our travel list!

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best summer bookspots

It’s finally summer! That means it’s time to grab a book, head to the beach, and spend some time in the sun. But don’t let the heat keep you away from enjoying the season! There are plenty of places to explore both locally and globally. We’ve found nine beautiful bookspots that are indoors, outdoors, and shaded, that you have to put on your travel list!

9. Bethany Beach Books (Bethany Beach, Delaware)

Bethany Beach Books

Located just steps away from Bethany Beach in Delaware is Bethany’s only independent bookstore for over thirty years. Aside from its beachy location, the store’s interior gives off the best summer vibes! Their site mentions many summer events, including book clubs and author signings, that you’ll want to put on your calendar.

8. Imperial Beach Library (San Diego, California)

Imperial Beach Library

Looking for a bookish summer activity that doesn’t involve sand getting all over your book? Head to the Imperial Beach Library, where both the exterior and interior have beautiful wave decorations. Not only are there different types of waves hung from the ceiling, but the kid’s area is undersea-themed as well. Their Facebook page lists many summer challenges and events for kids.

7. Long Beach Little Free Library (Long Beach, New York)

long beach little free library

What’s better than a free book with a fantastic view? This Little Free Library is one of the many that can be found in New York. Its location is the perfect spot for a day of reading while sitting on the sand and watching the waves. There are six libraries in Long Beach, which can be found on the Little Free Library website. Remember their rule: take a book, return a book!

6. Albena Beach Library (Albena, Bulgaria)

Albena Beach Library

One of the most popular tourist attractions in Bulgaria is located right on the shores of the Albena beach. This Little Free Library is available to anyone who wants to swap out their book they brought on vacation, or to borrow for the time they’ll be spending on the beach that day. The library holds hundreds of books in different languages such as English, German, Bulgarian, and many more. Although they are temporarily closed at the moment according to Google, we hope they reopen later this summer!

5. Bart’s Books (Ojai, California)

Bart's bookds

Visiting this southern California bookspot has been on my bucket list for years. Having been open since 1964, it continues to serve as the world’s largest outdoor bookstore. They also host musical guests as well as author events during the summer that all are invited to! There are dozens of areas to sit underneath the plants and California summer sky, so grab a book and visit this historical bookspot!

4. Roof Garden/Austin Public Library (Austin, Texas)

Austin Texas Library

There’s nothing like a good book with a beautiful city view! This summer, you’ve gotta check out the Roof Garden at the Austin Public Library. There’s plenty of shade and seating to keep you comfortable and out of the Texas heat. The garden sits on the sixth floor of the library and is home to many indigenous plants. Pick out a book and look out at Downtown Texas and Lady Bird Lake!

3. Biblioteca Da Praia De Pipa (Pipa Beach, Brazil)

Biblioteca Da Praia

Going on a trip to Brazil this summer? Or daydreaming about visiting? Walking along Pipa Beach will lead you to Biblioteca da Praia. The books are perched on covered shelves surrounded by sand and surf boards near the water. Open every day from 8am-5:30pm, tourists and locals alike can visit the library before a surf session or beach day.

2. The Bookshelf Community Library (Turkey Beach, Queensland, Australia)

Bookshelf Community Library

Summer bookspots don’t have to be on sandy beaches! Located a few miles away from Turkey Beach, you’ll find a large stack of books in a field. The library can be found inside and contain many books donated by the community. They provide places to sit, and occasionally coffee and food trucks, so visitors may borrow a book, take a seat, and enjoy a day in the summer sun.

1. Cafe con Libros (Brooklyn, New York)

Cafe con Libros

Finally, we have a summer bookspot that’s perfect for city dwellers. Cafe con Libros is an Afro-Latinx owned intersectional bookstore and coffee shop located in Brooklyn, NY. They offer a wide array of books written for and by marginalized communities and even have author events in store. Along with baked goods and coffee, they have seating outside so you can enjoy company, books, and the beautiful season.

If only we could teleport to all of these breathtaking bookspots! Whether you’re staying away from the heat or vibing by the beach, we hope you can find a book that’ll keep you company. Need help finding a good summer read? Click here for 4 books to take by the seashore!