Love Falls Like Rain, Can You Teleport to Your Soulmate?

Need a Webtoon comic that uses rain as it’s theme? Love Falls Like Rain is a funny, romance about a greek mythological legend about finding your soulmate…through an umbrella?!

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Webtoon has done it again! It’s really hot this June but I have a comic that will make you cool under the calm rain. Love Falls Like Rain by Yeri is a creative romance with a Greek mythology element. Look for updates every Wednesday!

Love Falls Like Rain: Plot


When Sarang discovers a yellow umbrella left on her doorstep, one rainy evening transports her to a country called Albia. She suddenly runs into two men who could be her soulmate. Will she find true love?

Characters that Outshine the Rain



She works at an art museum and does art tours. She recently went through a breakup with a long-term boyfriend. She almost gave up on the idea of a soulmate when her mother sends her a yellow umbrella as a gift. One rainy day she opens it and is transported to a far away place that she has never been. As she gathers the pieces of this greek mythological enchantment, she learns that according to Greek legend, soulmates were once attached side by side but Zeus had taken them away from humans and split them, however, many gods wanted humans to find a way back to each other. Can she find her soulmate through this umbrella?



Ian has been friends with Theo for a very long time. He works at a cafe, where he is the owner. He also takes care of Theo and protects him. When he keeps coincidentally meeting Sarang, they form a close friendship. Despite the misunderstandings, he finds her kind and wants to help her however he can. But what will happen when he finds out the constant surprise visits are because of a soulmate-finding umbrella?



He is the famous prince of Albia. He was very sheltered as a child and wasn’t seen much in the public eye. When his parents passed, his horrible uncle ‘took care of him’ by mooching off the public because of his nephew’s ‘illness’. Now grown up and out of his uncle’s grasp he is taken care of by his best friend Ian. His world goes upside down when a random girl in a yellow umbrella pops up in his life. But there is a strange familiarity he can’t put his finger on.

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