National Seashell Day: 4 Books to Take by the Sea Shore

National Seashell Day is a great opportunity to explore books on seashells. Here are poetry, collections and history additions to add to your TBR.

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I always thought collecting seashells was fun to do on the beach. I didn’t enjoy laying in the sun like a roast pork ready to be served. Having your wet sand toes walk along the shore to pick up seashells was relaxing enough for me. Seashells made great decor for sandcastles. Wouldn’t it be nice to find books with seashell themes? I found four that are poetic and storytelling!

1. The Seashell Anthology of Great Poetry by Christopher Burns


The quote is a representation for this book, “Like a seashell held to your ear, a poem resonates to the beating of your heart. The poet brings the words, you bring your life, and together you make a song.”

A collections of American classics of American and British literature, organized by subject. This book features works from Maya Angelou, Walt Whitman, and Carl Sandburg, along with contributions from John Ashbery, Gerard Manley and Allen Ginsberg. Be moved by the waves of the words.

2. The Shell Collector: Stories by Anthony Doerr


A collection of well crafted stories that take us to the African Coast, the pine forests of Montana, and Lapland. If you enjoy description of landscape and emotional landscape, this collection has a way of using seashells to explain the human condition. When it comes to the human condition themes of metamorphosis, grief, and relationships, it shows the beauty, strength and danger of nature. Characters with unique gifts and hardships unite and have high esteem by unraveling the mysteries of the universe that are beyond human knowledge.

3. The Sound of the Sea: Seashells and the Fate of the Oceans by Cynthia Barnett


Are you a history buff? Then you’ll love the history of seashells and the creatures that live in them. Explore how these creatures and shells changed the oceans and nature. Barnett is an environmental author who mixes culture, history and science to trace the seashells and mollusks back to their origin. First, you will be greeted with iconic seashells, how our childhoods have been impacted by the beach seashell collecting experience and the uses of seashells. Explore the North American oceans, the warm waters of Maldives, and the slave castles of Ghana. Have your exploratory mind set.

4. Poems of the Sea by J.D. McClatchy


Stories inspired by the ocean. With well known classics by Homer, Sylvia Plath and W.S. Merwin. If you want fairy tales, this author brings Alfred Tennyson’s sea tales. An iconic story written by Edgar Alan Poe Annabel Lee and John Masterfield’s Sea-Fever. This collection comes with lyrics, poems, hymns, and chanteys. With metaphorical themes of water and mystery, you’ll visualize everything ocean and sea.

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