‘NIX’: Fae and Knight Must Reunite To Save Humanity

Knights, fae, comedy, adventure, dark witches; these are a few things to expect when reading NIX, a Webtoon fantasy that will make you laugh.

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Webtoon offers many fantasy comics to your autumn collection. NIX is an adventure with an enemies trope and has simple small chapters. If you want to go on a comedic journey, look forward to updates every Wednesday or Thursday. Creator Kat L Ellis creates a world where fae live amongst humans and other fantastical creatures.

NIX Plot


The good and the bad must work together to save the world. Baskaren is a disgraced evil fae, and Gale is a knight in training with immense strength. When strange magic is afoot, they must put their differences aside and work together. However, it’d be easier if Baskaren wasn’t stuck as a cat.

Meet the Fae, Knight, and Spaewife



He is a fae with a bad reputation. With a hefty past, he now only looks out for himself. He expected a regular day with shenanigans but meets Gale, a human who isn’t so knightly but has surprising strength. Although he came out unscathed, he got shackled, which means his powers are withheld. So when a magic witch shows up to his hideout and turns him into a cat, the only person who can undo the shackle is Gale. But upon reuniting, Gale turns out to be clueless, misguided, and not so bright to the obvious. Reluctantly, in order to turn back into a fae, he must team up with Gale and find the mysterious witch and save himself. But as they find more clues and discover terrible happenings in other towns, this may be a bigger threat to fae and humankind.



Gale is part of the silver brotherhood, a knight organization that took him and his ill mother in. He is old enough now and has been in training to be a knight. During his childhood, he met the powerful fae king named Sunborn, and upon his death, he vowed to find the fae responsible and bring them to justice. But when meeting Baskaren, it may serve as a challenge. When a journey to save humanity comes into play, a more serious matter becomes a priority. Although Gale isn’t very bright and comes off foolish, he has a big heart and helps. Meanwhile, he has no clue that Baskaren is a cat helping him along his journey.



She is a spaewife which is a being who can see into the future. However, she isn’t the best at it and hasn’t had a proper vision of any kind. She lives in Merrowgold, a town that Gale seeks shelter in. However, upon meeting Gale and Baskaren, she soon receives help with her powers from a mysterious source with their own intentions.

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