Gift Guide for Your ACOTAR-Loving Bestie!

With the holiday season around the corner, here is a gift guide to help you with your holiday shopping for your ACOTAR-loving bestie in your life!

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As someone who does in fact dream of Velaris, crush on Cassian, and obsess over the love between Rhysand and Feyre, this gift guide was a can’t miss. Author Sarah J. Maas has taken the book world by storm with her adult fantasy novel series A Court Of Thorns and Roses, which currently has a tv series adaptation in the works with Hulu. Here’s a special gift guide if your bestie is a ACOTAR lover!

1. Velaris City of Starlight T-shirt

This t-shirt is a must-have for any ACOTAR fan. Velaris is by far, the dreamiest setting in any book, and this shirt is a stylish representation of the Night Court’s prized possession. Etsy shop onesundaystory specializes in literature and art clothing and offers a wide variety of different ACOTAR-themed pieces; from hoodies, to t-shirts, and to pullovers. The shop is a one-stop shop for every Sarah J. Maas fan looking to add some trendy pieces to their closet.

2. ACOTAR Books Sticker

This ACOTAR series book sticker is perfect for any book lover and a great addition to your laptop or water bottle. BerryBingo’s Etsy shop sells a variety of mugs, organments, and stickers that feature literature, pop culture, personalized items, and even ones with your pets! This is a perfect small addition to any stocking stuffer or gift add on.

3. Prythian Sticker

I’ve always said if I could visit one fictional location, it would be Prythian. Although I’m Night Court through and through and dream of living in Velaris, the idea of visiting each court to see them in every season and time of day is absolutely breathtaking. This Prythian sticker from the Etsy shop PeachyCreamer is my favorite addition on this list and my favorite sticker in their shop. They sell mugs, stickers, and ornaments of all kinds, but this one definitely takes the win!

4. Velaris Night Court Mug

Etsy Shop FableBound just changed the morning coffee and afternoon tea game for ACOTAR fans because this is a must-have. The shop makes ‘cozy bookish and literary mugs and more. This vinyl-printed, handmade mug is one that I just couldn’t afford to miss. The shop also makes the mug in black vinyl print, and I might like it even more!

5. Night Court Starfall Ring

AThroneOfBooks Etsy shop is any ACOTAR fan’s dream come true. They sell custom character Funko Pops, jewelry, pins, mugs, and more. But the item that caught my eye is the Night Court Starfall Ring. Classy, detailed, and downright stunning. The only thing that could make this any better is if Rhysand gave it to me himself.

6. Illyrians of the Night Court Print

Etsy shop CrownAndDaggerPrints sells a majority of their prints based on Sarah J. Mass’ series A Court of Thorn and Roses, Throne of Glass, and Crescent City. They also feature a few Twilight and Multiverse prints that only the truest novel fans would recognize. All of the shop’s prints are clean and simple and would fit in any home design. But this Illyrians of the Night Court print has my heart fluttering. We all know these bat boys have our hearts.

7. Prythian Map Print

She’s beauty and she’s grace. AEKCreates does a stunning job as this aesthetically pleasing Prythian Map Print that is perfectly fitting for any interior design. My next office wall piece is just one of the many maps and book covers that this Etsy shop specializes in. Each of them have their own unique appeal that would honestly make my heart melt if gifted to me.

Although these 7 gifts are bound to make any ACOTAR jump in excitement, there are plenty more where they came from both on the Etsy shops shared throughout this Gift Guide and beyond. This doesn’t just mean Christmas either. Birthdays, anniversaries, solctice (absolutely), and Valentines’s day would hands down be 10x better with a Valentine’s Day card from Rhysand, let’s be honest.

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