Castoff: A Mage Bounty Hunter Helps A Wanted Criminal?

A perfect fantasy Webtoon with drama and adventure! Follow a young kid figuring out why everyone is terrified of him while having powers he doesn’t understand.

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Crave more reads with action, magic, and a strong friendship made through chaos? Webtoon has one comic I recommend called Castoff. Created by Starfishface, this story updates chapters every Friday. With amazing visuals and a mysterious adventure, you will slowly see the truth unfold and have your questions answered.

Castoff Plot

Castoff Webtoon

Vector always dreamed of traveling. Yet he was kidnapped instead by a bounty hunter who has a very short temper, a positive cartographer, and unlikely friends along the way. Will he be able to get back home? Where is home? Can Vector figure out why he’s in Alveria?

Meet The Characters


Castoff Webtoon

Upon meeting Vector the first thing people see is his big bright eyes. Suddenly they are in a trance and they cower in fear. That is all he’s ever known. He doesn’t know who he is or how he arrived. All he knows for sure is that everyone is terrified of him. With the help of a kind old woman, he hides out in a bookstore in a small town and hopes no one notices him. Now there are rumors of the bookstore being haunted by a monster with yellow eyes.

However, one day he encounters a mage who comes into the store seeking help. She doesn’t even flinch at his eyes and for the first time, he thought he made a friend. However, when she discovers he is wanted for treason, a crime he didn’t commit, he is kidnapped and taken to the capital to be arrested.

Arianna Marcel

Castoff Webtoon

Arianna has always been her only ally. Abandoned at a very young age, she went from the streets and was soon taken in by freelance bounty hunters. Now she is one herself and can do magic. With her own personal quest, she needed a reason to go to the capital, and she assumed Vector was a perfect target. However, she didn’t realize he was wanted for treason. There are many things that don’t add up, like how a kid can be convicted of a crime that they don’t even recall committing.

And what is with that super powerful glowing magic? With all these questions and mysterious circumstances, she ends up helping him, but suddenly they are transported due to his power. With more curiosities piling up, she takes it upon herself to apologize and help him get back to the capital so they can both seek answers. Although she is powerful and has great combat skills, she is very short-tempered and doesn’t trust easily. Can she trust Vector as a new ally and friend?


Castoff Webtoon

Frankie is a super happy go-getter with a thing for adventure and creating maps. He has always seen the good in everything and enjoys being outdoors and discovering new experiences. He has an eyepatch, doesn’t get physically wounded, and has an extreme fear of water. When being told he is needed for a quest, he didn’t expect to make new friends.

Although he meets Vector and doesn’t judge his bright eyes, Arianna is cautious and doesn’t trust him. His only goal is to take them back to a halfway point. However, as they experience all kinds of parrel and some secrets are revealed, he too shares some of his dark past and wants to continue helping them on their journey.


Castoff Webtoon

Zera is the captain of the royal guard and has been seeking answers all his life. With a traumatic experience that still holds him, he soon is informed of a mysterious mage with a name he remembers. Determined to track her down, he creates wanted posters of both Arianna and Vector to catch them and have his answers. What is the kingdom of Alveria hiding?

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