Read ‘Lady Knight’ and the Cursed Children, a Fantasy Webtoon

When you mix a curse, a knight academy, and a dark legend, you get ‘Lady Knight.’ This is an ideal comic for those who want adventure and mystery behind a witty female protagonist.

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Looking for a fantasy Webtoon that has a special girl who is righteous and kind hearted to her core? Lady Knight is a Webtoon that gives you modern day fantasy with a dark magical twist. Creator Edu Marmovi, also known as Lion Illustration, updates every Wednesday. Season two will be coming soon but for now, lets check out season one.

Lady Knight: And The Cursed Children Plot


The Solstice Curse began on the summer solstice. Dark magical creatures cursed the boys and led them astray. Now, every year the creature take new kids and give them a scar. Aurora is an orphan who lives in an abbey, taking care of outcasts that are arrested and poor in her country’s inquisitorial regime.

One night she discovers she is marked by the curse, the first girl. The ancient order of knights recruit her and now she must train in an elite academy to learn to control her abilities. She must use her wits and knowledge to defeat opponents in a strange world.

Meet the Cursed Children



Aurora grew up in an orphanage. She is kind hearted and very ambitious. She is brave and always speaks up for others, even when they aren’t a fan of her. When she finds out about her curse, she has no idea what powers she has. Now she is taken to an elite academy to become a knight. Being the only girl in school causes her to be underestimated. But when she is put in a group of outcasts, she uses her wits and determination to make sure she can stay .



Gustavo is a charming sweetheart who makes you laugh with his antics. He can’t read or write, and doesn’t know what his power is. But with Aurora’s help he has slowly progressed, learning about his ability to levitate. He has a family back home to protect and take care of and being part of this academy can help that. Gustavo causes mischief and usually follows Aurora’s lead. He enjoys joking around with his other classmates and sneaks around. Eventually, Gustavo learns how to harness his power and how to work with others.



Galvan likes to be alone and keep to himself. He is seen as dangerous to the academy. But being a part of this academy is a chance to prove himself and earn a spot here. His powers consist of storms and lightning. He is excellent in combat and sword fighting. Galvan doesn’t like his group and chooses to go about this alone.

But when stubborn Aurora waltzes in and comes up with strategies and spews out ‘useless’ encouragement, he goes along with it. Despite the setbacks he sees improvement and the gap to his dream coming closer. Galvan soon learns he has friends he can count on to survive the many trials at this school. He is usually quiet and has a grumpy look on his face.

Alejandro Montalban


One of the elite students of the academy, he has learned to control his power and use it. He has excellent swordsman skills and has a leadership quality to him. But when Aurora finds out his secret, he wants her to be quiet about it. When Aurora gives him a proposition to learn sowrd fighting, resistant at first, he decides to take her up on the offer in exchange of keeping his secret and cleaning up his equipment.

With many secrets and surprises in store, read the first season of Lady Knight on Webtoon. Look for Wednesday updates on new Webtoons to read on Bookstr.