‘Ms Marvel’ Episode 4: ‘Seeing Red’ Review

The Djinn. The Red Daggers. The Clan Destines. The Department of Damage Control. Kamala Khan/Ms Marvel is in for a whirlwind of an adventure in Pakistan. Danger follows her wherever she goes.

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The fourth episode of Ms Marvel kicks off with Kamala traveling to Pakistan to visit her Nani in search of answers about the bangle and her heritage. Whilst in Pakistan, she encounters another group, the Red Daggers. They fight at her side against the Clan Destines, who have escaped the Department of Damage Control.

The Red Daggers teach Kamala more about her powers and her origins. The Djinn is just one of many names for what she is. Kamala is able to control the Noor (light) because she descends from beings from another dimension despite being born on Earth. Should the Clan Destines get Kamala to open a gateway to the Noor Dimension, said Noor Dimension overwhelm the Earth, destroying the world.


The Clan Destines escape from the Department of Damage Control and pursue Kamala in Pakistan. Compared to her hopeless control of her powers in Episode 2, Kamala has much better control over her powers in this episode. She uses them to protect her and Kareem, one of the Red Daggers, whom she befriends.

Three potential love interests in four episodes…Kamala seriously has way too many male suitors. I’m firmly on Team Bruno, who I missed this episode, seeing as he was back in New Jersey while Kamala had an adventure in Karachi.


Speaking of love interests, Kamran’s mother abandoned him at the Department of Damage Control, seeing as he had previously made his choice to assist Kamala and Bruno. What that means for Kamran, no one knows, but with only two episodes left in the miniseries, we’ll find out soon. While Kamran made the moral choice, Najma is still his mother and her betrayal undoubtedly stings.

There are still several questions after today’s episode. What does the inscription on the bangle – ‘What you seek is seeking you’ – mean? Why is Kamala still having visions of the Partition? How does the Partition play into Kamala’s story?

The Partition was the last time anyone saw Aisha, Kamala’s ancestor who first discovered the bangle. Perhaps the Partition is symbolic of Aisha leaving the Clan Destines. Perhaps Aisha discovered that returning home would endanger Earth and she chose to run away from the rest of the Clan Destines for the protection of humanity. It would be a very Marvel thing for that to have happened, especially since it is pretty obvious that Aisha is not a villain.

For answers to these questions and more, stay tuned for the review of Ms Marvel Episode 5, which will come out next week. Until then, catch up on our reviews of Episodes 1, 2, and 3 of the acclaimed Marvel Studios show, which is currently the highest-ranking Marvel show of all time!