‘Ms Marvel’ Episode 3: ‘Destined’ Review

The third episode of Ms Marvel has been released on Disney Plus! Ms Marvel features Iman Vellani as the titular character and in this episode, depicts her discovery of the origin of her powers and her battle against her enemies who interrupt her brother’s wedding.

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The third episode of Marvel Studios’ Ms Marvel is out on Disney Plus! In this episode, Kamala Khan/Ms Marvel, portrayed by Iman Vellani, discovers the origin of her powers, attends her brother’s wedding and gets attacked by the Clan Destines, her people and supposed allies.

At the end of the previous episode, Kamala escaped from the Department of Damage Control with the help of her crush, Kamran, and his mother, Najma. In this episode, they are revealed to be members of the Clan Destines/Djinn. Kamala’s great-grandmother, Aisha, was also a member of the Clan Destines and first discovered the bangle, the source of Kamala’s powers, in the 1940s. Seeing as Kamala was born on Earth and not in the alternate dimension where the Djinn are from, she apparently has her full powers, unlike the rest of Najma and her clan. Thus, Kamala is the only one who can help return the Djinn home.


Kamala asks Bruno for his help and he discovers that her opening a ‘gateway’ to the other dimension could be very dangerous. Kamala messages Kamran and tells him that she needs time. Kamran’s mother finds out that Kamala is not on board and she and the rest of the Djinn gatecrash Kamala’s brother, Aamir’s wedding in an attempt to force Kamala to open the gateway.

Kamala uses her powers to defend her friends and family from the Djinn, but in the process, Bruno gets hurt, Nakia (Kamala’s other best friend) discovers her powers, Kamran betrays his mother to defend Kamala, and Kamran and the rest of the Djinn, including his mother, Najma, get arrested by the Department of Damage Control.


The episode ends with Kamala getting a call from her grandmother, Nani, who had the same vision of the train with the word ‘Karachi’ on it that Kamala and Najma did when Najma touched Kamala’s bangle. It appears that in the next episode, Kamala will be trying to get to Karachi with her Nani, thus prompting more drama, danger and excitement!

Regarding Kamala’s regular human life, she is currently still struggling with parental and friend problems. Her parents know that something is wrong and are worried for her, Bruno is moving away to attend CalTech on an early scholarship and Nakia partially blames ‘Night Light’, Kamala’s superhero alter-ego for problems at the mosque. Nothing is going right for our heroine!


Marvel fans will undoubtedly be satisfied and happy with this episode! Prior to the attack at the wedding, the wedding scenes were adorable, Kamala and Bruno almost got a romantic slow dance! and Nakia got onto the mosque board panel! Ms Marvel is in fact marvel-ous!

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