Read ‘Morgana and Oz’ for Unexpected Romance Fantasy

Can a witch and a vampire fall in love? Read this Webtoon fantasy romance called Morgana and Oz, when two different species work together.

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Some of us are over the whole werewolves vs vampires idea. However, have you ever considered witches vs vampires? Add a dash of romance into the mix and you have a magical fantasy Webtoon called Morgana and Oz. Creator MiYuli updates this comic every Monday. Instead of Cullens and Blacks, get ready to meet the Winterberrys and Vampire clan.

Morgana and Oz Plot


From enemies to lovers. Witches vs vampires. When a struggling witch meets an angsty, emo vampire, it becomes love and war. Morgana belongs to a prestigious witch line and, big surprise, Oz is in a rival vampire clan. A chance encounter and an accidental spell, bring them together. Only working together can they prevent an all-out war among their people.

Meet the Witches and Vampires

Morgana Winterberry


Morgana is a clumsy witch who still hasn’t mastered magic. Despite her flaws, she is very sweet and passionate and craves learning. Her younger brother Mordecai is better at magic and helps her when he can, but she still doesn’t know her place in this family. When she hears vampires are coming for a peace meeting, she is anxious to make a good impression. When she accidentally stumbles into a vampire outside, her magic turns him into a cat. Can she break the spell and prove that the Winterberrys are genuinely nice?

Mordecai Winterberry


Morgana’s younger brother is the practical sibling when it comes to learning magic. His sister is so enthusiastic and clumsy that she can’t perfect a spell. The polar opposite, Mordecai is an expert. Instead of being egotistical about his powers, he is very protective of his sister, something that comes to the fore when he discovers that she is mixed up in dangerous vampire business….



The meeting is set, clearly, it’s a trap, because why else would witches attempt a peace offering? Oz’s boss plots a secret plan which fails after he bumps into a witch who turns him into a cat. In order to get back to normal, he must find a cure for himself. However, despite his chance encounter with said clumsy witch, Morgana, are all witches bad as he was taught to believe?



Roland is the leader of the Vampire clan and has detested witches for years. He has been at war with all vampires, especially the Winterberrys, for a long time. A curse was put upon his clan and he thought a ‘peace’ meeting would put things to a pause. However, the Winterberrys are not to be trusted, so he sets a trap. When one member goes missing, he knows a witch has gotten to him. This is a personal matter and Roland will do whatever it takes to right wrongs and go against the witches who put a curse on him.

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