Amazon Releases The Final Trailer For ‘The Rings of Power’

Lord of the Rings fans: you’ve been summoned to fulfill your oath. The highly-anticipated trailer for The Rings of Power has dropped on Amazon and we’re loving it!

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The long-awaited Rings of Power has finally gotten its greatest trailer yet. After a myriad of filming delays, fan backlash, and almost a half billion dollars funneled into the ambitious production fans will finally be able to sink their teeth into the dawn of the Second Age. Fans and newcomers alike are eager to see what Amazon Studios plans to bring, not only to the medieval fantasy genre, but to the wavering fans left over from the Game of Thrones finale. Despite the rivalry, the two series share on-and-off similarities between projects this latest trailer before the series premiere promises the movie-level production of the Peter Jackson trilogy.

There’s a ton to unpack in this trailer, but the general gist of the series plot is the formation of the original nine rings of power as well as Sauron’s rise to power. The trailer begins with a young Galadriel taking the task of her fallen brother against their enemies. Galadriel then embarks on a quest to unite the kingdoms of Middle Earth to defeat this great evil while the temptation of the titular rings of power looms amongst the heroes. Familiar faces show up briefly to join the rebel rousing from favorites like the aforementioned Galadriel and Gimli to the more obscure like Celebrimbor the elven blacksmith that will forge the Rings.

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The show’s directors promise what can only be described as a season-long Lord of the Rings film and the visuals promise more. The spectacle the showrunners cultivated takes note of Peter Jackson’s timeless style with an extra depth of polish to each individual set piece. The set pieces both lived-in and CGI are technical marvels to behold as the audience is cascaded into Middle Earth a whole millennium before Frodo’s epic journey to Mount Doom. The creatures and costumes are dangerously accurate to the original trilogy as the brief but detailed cinematography takes us to places both familiar yet fresh for the beloved series.

With a release date right around the corner and a company of loyal fans eager to watch The Rings of Power is sure to fulfill the oaths of quality not only for The Lord of the Rings franchise but for ambitious silver screen adaptations for years to come. Hopefully, the show will pave the road for other franchises just as the original trilogy set the same bar for film adaptations over twenty years ago.

Amazon Prime subscribers can catch the two-episode premiere of The Rings of Power on September 2nd but first catch the final trailer here!

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