Read Webtoon ‘Eaternal Nocturnal’; Can Love Cure Insomnia?

Eaternal Nocturnal may be your dream Webtoon. If you want romance and fantasy with a dash of dreams and intense sleepless drama, check out this comic!

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Want a romantic Webtoon that you can dream about? Read Eaternal Nocturnal, a romantic fantasy about a girl who needs sleep and a boy who ingests dreams. Check out updates on new episodes every Thursday by the creator instantmiso.

Eaternal Nocturnal


The man of her dreams doesn’t exist. Too bad she can’t dream him up when she has insomnia. However, one night Eve is visited by a mysterious apparition and finds her insomnia is cured the next day. Meanwhile Dae, a dream eater, finds himsefl dranw to her and her dreams. Can this be a dream in disguise or a nightmare in the making?

Eaternal Nocturnal: Dream Characters



Eve has had issues with sleep for a very long time. She has the worst case of insomnia, which makes it hard for her to be herself and show a good impression. She has dealt with many jobs being rejected through interviews or fired because she is tired and has dark circles under her eyes. However, one day she gets a job opportunity of a lifetime but that means selling her angelic musical voice to someone else in secret. To top it all off, a mystical entity invades her one time of sleep and helps her feel better the next day. Can she strike a deal with this apparition, can she put her love for music aside so she can make a steady income?



Dae has a job as delivery man for several restaurant establishments. He has an older brother who he avoids passionately and three awesome roommates: Clark, Benji, and his cousin Alex. The one secret he holds is that he is a dream eater at night. Every night he transforms and needs to eat dreams so he can have a satisfying sleep. His two main rules are: don’t eat dreams of people he knows and do not eat the same person’s dream twice. With his mother having Alzheimer’s disease, he doesn’t want to be forgotten. However, one girl’s dreams left him feeling satisfied. Soon, he decides to break his rule and go again, and again. Now that they are somewhat acquainted, he feels conflicted. Should he continue this arrangement, and what if they meet in real life?



Cherri is a Youtube star and influencer. She creates videos on makeup and clothes. However, her popularity has been down recently. When she hears Eve sing, she sees this as a collaboration opportunity. Cherri, or Cherrisma, may not be a singer, but Eve is. As her best friend and ex coworker, she sees this as getting something they both want.



An intimidating and intense looking manager to Cherri. Jae is Dae’s older brother, the one who kept them afloat when their mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. However, their relationship has been rocky and although he has tried to reach out, Dae ignores him. When your younger brother is a delivery man and you want him to do something more reliable, you may not get a response. However, he has a job for him that requires he delivers; can they mend their sibling bond and break through their walls?

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