SOLEIL: Can The Plant Kingdom Be Saved?

Want a Webtoon full of fantasy, adventure, and flowers? Soleil is about a plant Kingdom on another planet. The Prince needs to find the chosen one–will Florette be that for his fallen kingdom?

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Webtoon SOLEIL is a fantasy adventure comic that brings your love of plants and nature to the surface. Every Wednesday, creator YenKin has a new episode of where this floral story will go. Are you prepared for your love for plants to sprout in this amazing, humble Webtoon? Continue reading to find out more.

SOLEIL: Plant Plot


Ever since her parents’ funeral, Florette only finds comfort in her flowershop and garden. Her love and adoration for plants and everything floral is put to the test when she meets a tiny plant prince from the plant world Soleil. With ‘invaders’ threatening this nature Kingdom, Florette has the urge to save them. She soon discovers, with the use of her botanical skills and the planet itself, the big reason for having her there.

Characters of SOLEIL



Florette is kind and pure hearted. She loves flowers and plants. Ever since her parents passing, she finds comfort in talking to her plants at home. Ever since she was little, her mom talked about a magical place, a kingdom of plants, flowers, and everything flower. At first she always thought it was a make believe fantasy tale. But it all comes true when suddenly her mint plant is alive. Her plant is a prince and tells her she is the chosen one who can save the Kingdom of Soleil. She is curious and wants to help save his kingdom and thus joins him on his mission and to hopefully get the answer to why she was chosen.



He is Florette’s best friend. They became really close during their school years. Back in middle school he saw Florette as an over-cheerful annoyance. Vera has always been closed off and just had his cousin Margot. However, over the years he has cared for Florette and his love for plants is as strong as hers. Even though he was gloomy and closed off, he opened up to her slowly. Now he worries for her and wants her to go out more; ever since her parents’ death she has become closed off towards him. With his affections for her at an all time high, he shows his protective, worrisome, and nurturing side all at once. But he can’t help but wonder why she is distant and why she hasn’t been answering his calls.

Prince Mint


He is the prince of Kingdom Soleil. His name is Mint, Prince Mint. Florette calls him Mint so that is his name. He has the power to control water to a certain degree. His mission ever since leaving Soleil is to find the chosen one. He was told by his superior, the Sustainer, that if someone is pure of heart and loves plants they will see his true form. When he stumbles upon Florette, she is able to see him. With his kingdom in shambles, he asks her to accompany him on his mission. Although he is the prince, his mother’s death and his father’s distance over the years before the disaste, has taken a toll. He doesn’t have a relationship with his father or much responsibility with the kingdom. However, now this is his chance to take a step forward, find his father, and stop the invaders as soon as possible.



He is an invader, at least he once was. When Florette and Prince Mint first encounter him he is evil and tries to destroy them. However, under mysterious circumstances he is suddenly able to speak and is no longer hostile. Florette names him Kyuu and he has joined their mission of saving Soleil. He develops an instinct to protect Florette and Prince Mint along their journey. The question is can an invader change or is it just him?

The Sustainer


She is the powerful leader with magnificant powers. She protects the mother tree, the main source of power and magic of Soleil. She teaches other seedlings about maintaining the tree and learning about powers. Her key responsbility is training the next selected few plant members, who have special abilities, to become a possible sustainer like her. Her magic power is communication through sunflowers. She can create portals and sustenance/healing for plants and other floral life. With a golden glow and voices through the sunflowers, she attempts to guide Prince Mint and Florette to their destiny.

Frost Knight


She was the right hand towards the King of Soleil. Frost Knight has the powers of ice and uses their staff to fight and create the freeze. They are skilled in combat. They are able to strategize and tend to get passionate during a fight. However her goal is to keep the prince safe, find the King, and stop the invaders from taking over their planet.

Can Florette help Prince Mint and stop the destruction of Kingdom Soleil? What is her purpose as the chosen one? Read SOLEIL on Webtoon and look for their new updates every Wednesday. For more Webtoon recommendations go to Bookstr every Wednesday.