Spotify Playlist Recommendations For Every Bookish Mood

If you’re searching for the perfect playlist that matches the vibe of the book you’re currently obsessed with, then this is the article for you!

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We’re all on the quest for the perfect playlist. I’m talking about the playlist that matches the vibe of the book that’s currently giving you a book hangover. Its songs make you feel like you’re right there in story again.

If you saw The Batman and listened to “Something In The Way” on repeat for a week straight, this is the article for you. If you’re still listening to “Something In The Way” even though it’s been over two weeks since opening night because you just loved the movie so much and can’t get it out of your head (like me) this is DEFINITELY the article for you.

I know there’s others like me, so I want to try to help make the search for the perfect playlist a little easier. I’ve decided to round up some of my favorite playlists on Spotify that match our bookish moods. Whether you’re reading romance, fantasy, or horror, I’ve got you covered. Read on and click the pink links to start listening to some new music!

All credit for the playlists go to the awesome Spotify users who put them together. Show the creators some love!


Playlist Recommendations- Fantasy

POV: You’re the Hero

This playlist is perfect if you’re trying to feel like the heroine in a fantasy novel. Let the empowerment begin!

Playlist by Spotify user kenna

POV: You’re the Villain

What’s better than a hero? A great villain. This playlist is one of many that just embodies the villain you hate to love.

Playlist by Spotify user roisin mooney

Escape Reality

This playlist captures a little bit of everything in a fantasy novel and is great to listen to if you can’t decide what mood you’re in.

Playlist by Spotify user carriejulie


Playlist Recommendations- Romance


This playlist is great for contemporary romance novels. Whether it’s happy or sad, this one covers it all with a more modern feel.

Playlist by Spotify user aishasuheila

Dark, Tragic

Bring on ALL THE FEELS. This playlist is great to listen to if the couple in your romance novel just hit a rough patch, or you just know the story isn’t gonna end like you want it to. Enjoy, and here’s some tissues just in case.

Playlist by Spotify user jamila.gadiano

Period Drama

In more of a period drama romance mood? I got you. There’s plenty of playlists for this mood out there, but here’s one of my favorites.

Playlist by Spotify user mauraca


Playlist Recommendations- Horror/Suspense/Thriller

Watch Out Behind You!

I’ve only got one word for you: run.

Playlist by Spotify user kiwi

Will You Make it to The End?

No specifics here, this playlist has a nice combination of thriller and horror vibes. It’s got songs from various eras too, making it the perfect playlist for when you can’t make up your mind on who you are in the horror/thriller story.

Playlist by Spotify user Juliana

The Lone Survivor

You did. You made it to the end of a horror novel in one piece. Celebrate by listening to this playlist that captures the feeling of being the surviving character!

Playlist by Spotify user annarebecca


Playlist Recommendations- Mystery/Whodunnit

Nothing Is As It Seems

The game is afoot!

Playlist by Spotify user glowytea

On The Case

More geared towards mystery, this playlist is great to listen to if you just finished a mystery novel that still has you asking questions.

Playlist by Spotify user _sophia7777


This last one’s all about the mood of Knives Out. It’s the fun “whodunnit” vibe, and who doesn’t love that?

Playlist by Spotify user Savannah Swanson


Playlist Recommendations- Dystopian/Sci-Fi

Welcome to The Future

Synth, techno, great beats: this playlist has all the things that make us scream, “FUTUREEEE!”

Playlist by Spotify user pacmanyo

Welcome to The Future (but Darker)

For a darker sci-fi dystopian vibe like Blade Runner, try this playlist.

Playlist by Spotify user aofd3

A Dystopian Future

This one is perfect for fans of The Hunger Games, The Maze Runner, and Divergent. It’s perfect for a futuristic sci-fi story that isn’t necessarily a going-to-space kind of sci-fi story.

Playlist by Spotify user sasjavb