‘Kiss it Goodbye’ is a Short Female Friends to Lovers Trope

Kiss it Goodbye is a short Webtoon comic series about two girls who were best friends who fell in love. Read their adorable backstory with bonus chapters.

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It’s been a while since I’ve recommended a lesbian lovers trope. One completed Webtoon called Kiss it Goodbye is a comic art style read with short chapters. The series itself is complete and has adorable bonus chapters. Creator Triccytx updates the comic every Tuesday and Friday.

Kiss it Goodbye Plot


Aruka and Yukimi have been close friends since they were little. Despite their interests changing in middle school they have stuck together. Sadly, their friendship became estranged due to a fight that makes them go separate ways. In this self-reflection story, the two girls discuss their love story and how they find each other again.

Meet the Characters



Aruka has always been athletic and high strung. She is very active and blunt with her words. She met Yukimi who wanted to run away from home since it became a new. However, their friendship became official the second she said that she’d move in with her. Aruka doesn’t really care about being social or kind; she has a short fuse and can get rough with other students. Academically she isn’t the best either, but her friendship with Yukimi is loyal and true and Aruka eventually realizes her feelings run deeper than friendship. Despite being picked on for being a fighter and a lesbian in high school, she still has Yukimi. At least, that’s what she thought….



Yukimi didn’t want to move to a new place, but her friendship with Aruka sparked and everything became better. Despite being polar opposites with Aruka, their friendship still blossomed. Unfortunately, when they entered high school, things changed. Despite the fallout, Yukimi still watches over Aruka from a distance. Her new friendship were judgmental and anti-LGBTQ+ and Yukimi still isn’t sure of what she wants…only that her but her friend Aruka feels right.

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