‘Chainlinked’: A Love Story of He and They on Webtoon

‘Chainlinked’ is a romantic Webtoon recommendation that features queer identity acceptance. Enjoy the friends to lovers trope!

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I have always wanted a love story on Webtoon where queer identities are accepted. Chainlinked is simply the best friends to lovers trope that everyone can appreciate. When you have a character identifying with they/them pronouns and one identifying with he/him, it makes me gush knowing how easy and simple the love grows. Creator Rainy Cacti created this Slice of Life romance with consistent updates. Please go view it now!

Chainlinked Romance Plot

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Danny and Hunter have always been best friends, but in high school, they have different paths they follow. However, they still stick together. But what will keep them together when feelings come into the equation? Will their relationship strengthen or weaken?

Meet The Characters of Chainlinked



Danny identifies with they/them pronouns and dresses both feminine and masculine. They have been friends with Hunter since they were young and their friendship has been strong ever since high school. When they get suddenly asked out on a date, they mistake it as the usual hangout. However, when Hunter makes his intentions clear, Danny wonders if this is a good idea or not.



Hunter is shy and has had a crush on Danny for a while. He was nervous about changing the dynamic of their relationship. However, he accepts Danny for who he is, identity and all. He always loves when Danny expresses their gender as feminine or masculine. When Hunter gets the courage to take things further with Danny, he is stoked when he gets a yes. Despite the misunderstanding, he is glad he can call Danny his partner. Hunter has a band with Jupiter and a few other bandmates.



Jupiter is best friends with Danny and Hunter. She is in Hunter’s band and enjoys singing and loves to put her pink wig on. She is in a relationship with her girlfriend Naomi. She has consistently helped Danny figure out their feelings for Hunter and encouraged them to explore their relationship. She is a reliable friend in all the right ways.



Theo can always be found reading, and he is a close friend to Danny. He is another useful friend to seek wisdom from. He has a service dog named Macy and also encouraged Danny to do what feels right and explore these new feelings. They also have a class together. Although right now his role is minor, I look forward to seeing his relationship with everyone else grow.

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