Logan Lerman’s Opinion on Disney+’s New Percy Jackson Series

Once a son of Poseidon, always a son of Poseidon. Logan Lerman supports the upcoming Disney+ adaptation of the Percy Jackson series, being nothing but supportive of the upcoming TV series and actors.

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Logan Lerman, star of Fox’s Percy Jackson movies, gives his insight on the upcoming new Disney+ series that reboots the previous movies and adapts Rick Riordan’s popular book series.

On January 25, 2022, it was confirmed that Disney Plus would be adapting Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Shortly afterwards, several casting announcements were made: Walker Scobell would play Percy Jackson, Leah Sava Jeffries would portray Annabeth Chase and Aryan Simhadri would be Grover Underwood.


In the 2010 adaptation, Logan Lerman portrayed Percy, Alexandra Daddario played Annabeth Chase and Brandon T. Jackson was Grover Underwood. All three actors were important characters in the two Percy Jackson adaptations: The Lightning Thief and The Sea of Monsters. Both movies received pretty negative reviews due to their inaccurate depictions of Rick Riordan’s books.

Fortunately for the new Disney Plus adaptation, Rick Riordan is one of the executive producers and also co-wrote the pilot episode, along with Jonathan E. Steinbery, with James Bobin directing. Riordan’s direct involvement increases chances of the series being written as more book-accurate.


While the original Percy Jackson movies were not well-received, Logan Lerman’s performance definitely was and fans hope that he will be returning in the Disney Plus series, possibly as Poseidon, Percy’s father and the god of the seas. Fans also hope that Alexandra Daddario will return as Athena, Annabeth’s mother and the goddess of wisdom.


In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Lerman shared that he’s “curious to see it” (the Percy Jackson reboot. He also says that all his excitement stems from everything that’s been announced regarding the project so far. He stated:

“I’m excited too, I’m really excited. I’m curious to see it, I think that everything I’ve seen so far, like peripherally, just about like casting and how they’re doing it and that Rick is running it, just makes me happy, it makes me happy for the fans, and I’m excited for this new generation to watch it.”


Lerman and Daddario both have been enthusiastic and gracious about the Percy Jackson reboot, which is heartwarming for fans of the actors, the book series and even the previous attempts at the adaptation. With Riordan speculating on a 2024 release date, book, TV series and movie fans can definitely count the former stars of the previous adaptation as being one of them!

Until we get more information about the upcoming series, check out our other articles about the cast here and here. Stay tuned for more news, which we will undoubtedly get soon, seeing as it is the month of Percy Jackson’s birthday!