‘Facing My Monsters’, A Webtoon of Vulnerability and Emotions

Life is sometimes hard, especially in your head. ‘Facing My Monsters’ is a simple Webtoon with great art that depicts emotions and vulnerability everyone has experienced before.

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Every day we face the emotions and feelings in our heads. For some it may be more challenging while others may propser. Whether it’s postive reinforcement or letting the negative energy pass, facing all of them is what makes us human beings. One Webtoon that gives you a simple dose of creative artstyle while showcasing daily emotional encounters is Facing My Monsters by CHEIT.JPG. A slice of life Webtoon can be a great pick me up to start and end your day.

Facing My Monsters Plot


Artist CHEIT.JPG has small pockets of impactful art to showcase every day emotions and feelings we can experience. Pain, fear, love, happiness, hope, vulnerability, and more can be coursing through our brains. The artist’s goal is to make you feel less lonely, using simple illustrations to represents moments that are relatable. You will laugh, cry, sniffle, hug yourself, roll your eyes, get angry, and nod vigoriously at what emotional drawing you’ll face next. There is no update schedule, so buckle up for some random illustration surprises.


Here are some examples of encouraging and real in the moment emotions and thoughts the artist has made. Some of these had me agreeing immediately, others I have snapped my fingers in sass, and a few had me teary eyed. Simple. Impactful. Affective.


Sometimes there are people we can’t rely on, and that’s okay. A person may think they need permission to say something or initiate encouragement. However, you may think of them as the person to go to and they don’t even know it. Depending on your friend’s reaction to this news, find someone who actually cares and takes the intitiative to check in on you.


Have you ever felt like you were having a bad day and you wanted to voice it out but it gets stuck in your throat? Sometimes we have that one person who we can vent to or share our struggles without judgement. Getting rid of that dark energy and speaking up is important, this illustration represents active listening and comfort. Everyone should talk about their feelings.


It’s just one of those days of stress, overthinking, or just a bad day. Need a comforting shoulder to lean on? Sometimes a small display of love and comfort is all you need.


The past, the present and the future get under our skins. Right now they are pushing down on my nerves. You may feel that you don’t have what it takes. Look yourself in the eyes and have your back. Remember, you are your own cheerleader and supporter.


Pick yourself and keep your head held high. There may be encounters of people betraying you or leaving. But, you always can count on yourself. Enjoy the solitude and don’t see it as a punishment.


Your inner ‘you’ can have doubts and hurt you over and over again. Despite that dark place or creature that comes every now and then, it can be tamed. You have control over yourself, you won’t give up on yourself!

I hope these relateable slice of life inspirations put a smile on your face, or help you reflect.

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