A New Webtoon on Mother Nature, ‘Empress: Mother Earth’s Handmaiden’

NRG Comics has a Webtoon series called ‘Empress: Mother Earth’s Handmaiden’

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Even though Mother’s Day has come to an end, the summer time brings out mother nature. Now that the summer is slowly creeping, mother nature has become the ideal mother of this beautiful weather. So, for those who enjoy reading outdoors, it’s time for a new Webtoon, Empress: Mother Earth’s Handmaiden, which focuses on mother nature themes and the environment. Thank the creators of NRG Comics, writer Alex Dawe, Editor Web Bleynat, and artist Matteo Prayer Galletti.

Empress: Mother Earth’s Handmaiden Comic Plot


Ursula Nolan has been a distant, cold hearted, industrialist, ever since her parents passed away years ago. Even though her parents were the most famous environmentalists in the city, Urusla has broken from that path and has focused on money. But one day she suddenly gets a wake up call from the legendary Mother Nature. She is soon experiencing the sins she has brought upon her city. Once her penance has been served, soon she is transformed into Mother Earth’s champion and messenger, the Empress. Now with a change of heart, Urusla has amazing nature powers and it’s her job to save the world from environmental destruction. As she tries to pick up all the pieces and start a new business, where the environment is her top priority, she soon must face evil forces that want to plague the earth.

Ursula Nolan


As a child she loved the environment with a pure heart and wanted to follow her parents’ footsteps in creating a greener world. However, a terrible accident took their lives, leaving Ursula bitter and cold. She couldn’t put her love for the environment anymore. She blamed nature. Years later, she has become an industrialist, who doesn’t care about the repercussions of nature and focuses on being powerful and wealthy. Her love for nature has been buried deep inside her, will there be a force that can awaken it? Apparently, Mother Earth herself has plans for Ursula.

Juu Lee


Juu has been Ursula’s friend since childhood. Although Ursula changed and became a cold hearted woman, Juu stood by her side. Even when Urusla verbally bullied her and kept her as an assistant, Juu would follow orders. However, she had enough and took a stand, demanding Urusla reflect on her actions and change her ways. Soon enough after Mother Earth gave Urusla her penance, Ursula now saw Juu Lee as a friend she can count on, and apologized profusely for her beahvior over the years. Juu is strong hearted and a fighter, she will do her best if it means protecting her best friend from danger.



The first villain of the Black Hazard organization. He is an environmental disaster gone wrong. No longer human, he is now a gastrous being. He leaks out poisonous gas that hurts the lungs. One of Ursula’s first encounters with the Black Hazard.

Lin Lan


Next, we have Lin who is a clean business owner, who creates several projects that help her overpopulous country of China. She does many environmental projects and has a huge impact in her country and the world.



In addition to the Black Hazard organization is their leader YinYun. She is behind all the attacks and attempts at destroying mother nature. All of her minions have had unfortunate circumstances when it comes to their roles in society and the environment. They want to fight the Earth head on by causing it’s demise. Her goal is to destroy the Empress, Lin Lan, and anyone who gets in their way.

Mother Earth


The woman who started it all. Beloved Mother Earth has chosen Urusla to be her champion for the environment and world. She has given Urusla redemption by serving her community and protect it from any form of harm and destruction. She has helped Ursula relfect her past choices and understand the pain and suffering many close to her have gone through.

Go check out this comic if you are interested in environmental and nature Webtoons. For more on Webtoons go to Bookstr every Wednesday!