Mother’s Day Recommendations: Three To Read

Welcome back to Three to Read, where we here at Bookstr give you three book recommendations for your next read! This week’s topic: Mother’s Day!

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Mothers, the cause and reason behind many things. We wouldn’t be seeing the world as it is if not for them. There is something so unique to motherhood. Each mother is special and it is for what they give to us that one day of celebrating them is not enough. Here are some book recommendations for the mothers and the ones celebrating their mothers.

Hot Pick

Juniper Hill

by Devney Perry
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Memphis Ward arrives in Quincy, Montana along with her young son. Starting off a new life is never easy, especially when the old one was glamourous and perfect. She had to trade-off that life to protect her son and give him a better future. What happened to be one of the worst days of her life turned to become a dream when Memphis meets Knox Eden. The choice is between protecting her son from the dangers only she knows of or choosing the rugged man.


Wall Street Journal author, Devney Perry writes a thrilling rollercoaster of a book that is set in a small town. The book is romantic, racy and mysterious. A perfect read to run from reality and a book that promises to entertain everyone especially mothers who know the importance of protecting their children.

Dark Horse

The Other Mother

by Rachel Harper
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Raised by a single mother, Jenry Castillo is a musical prodigy. Wanting to know more about his late father, Jenry sets out on a search. He meets his estranged grandfather. With several questions coming up in this search, he realizes he was probably looking for the wrong thing all along.


A touching depiction of motherhood, race, and the facts we hide in the name of family, and a page-turning generational story of a young man’s search for a parent he never knew. The book is bound to make one feel teary but at the same time warm with familial love.

Coffee Shop Read

Let’s Do Everything and Nothing

by Julia Kuo
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A detailed picture book that covers the stories of the world by a mother to her child. It is poetic in its form but the stories cover various topics, regions and emotions.


Julia Kuo’s picture book Let’s Do Everything and Nothing is a beautiful and poetic celebration of treasured moments—big and small—shared with a kid.

Mothers are precious and hope these book recommendations help one to cherish them. They also make perfect gifts for them to read and relax.